It’s Time to REVOLUTIONIZE Your Beauty Arsenal

If you’re looking for an oil that you can use from head to toe, AcARRE offers the best moisturizing dry oil that is made with some of nature’s best botanicals that you will completely fall in love with. We talked to Founder, Tracey Kearse who gave us some great tips on how to use her Multi-Use Dry Oil from our Holiday Limited Edition Box.

When did the brand get it start?

In 2014 the initial product development started and then the story developed in 2016 and 2017. Then the brand launched in July 2018.

What was the inspiration for the Multi-Use Dry Beauty Oil?

The inspiration came from a family member and friend’s request to have a product that could help them with itchy and dry scalp and skin issues.

For those who don’t know what a dry oil is, please explain.

Dry oil is a lightweight, non-greasy, quick-absorbing oil.

How many ways can you use this oil?

This oil can be used for many things:

  1. To soothe and moisturize the scalp -- for scalp care, nourishment and protection

  2. To moisturize your hair strands for great shine

  3. To moisturize your face and décolleté for a healthy glow

  4. To moisturize your body leaving a seductive sheen on the skin

  5. To moisturize your hands and cuticles

  6. For age prevention

What are the key ingredients of this oil?

  1. Squalane

  2. Baobab

  3. Kalahari Melon

  4. Rosehip

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

  1. Squalane is highly moisturizing, softens and soothes, increases cell turnover

  2. Baobab is high emollient power and smoothing properties

  3. Kalahari Melon is moisturizing, regenerating and restructuring

  4. Rosehip increases cell turnover and accelerates skin regeneration

What’s next for AcARRE?

AcARRE is working on AcARRE Beauty experiences coming soon as well as establishing retail partnerships.

For customers who purchase the Holiday Limited Edition Box, they will receive a travel size of the Multi-Use Dry Beauty Oil. What’s the one thing that you’d like to leave them with?

Our oil is a head to toe age prevention natural dry oil that will lock in moisture and impart a healthy glow on your scalp and skin.

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