Discover A Sustainable Beauty Brand That Puts The Earth First

With consumers becoming more aware of the environmental impact of the beauty industry and the role that it plays, with issues like plastic waste, water pollution, and unsustainable ingredient sourcing we are happy to do our part to protect the environment by partnering with MOB Beauty for the February 2024 Box. MOB Beauty was created by Beauty Industry Vets and Co- Founders, Alisha Gallagher and Vic Casale. Together, these two have worked for some big, innovative beauty brands that have prepared them to create MOB Beauty. MOB Beauty is committed to their mission of putting the earth first. Not only do they use toxic-free ingredients, they also use refillable packaging and sustainable materials to create their makeup. 

We know that you will love the Highlighters in the February Box (subscribers will get either a full-size M51- shimmering rose gold or M52- shimmering copper) that give you that perfect glow every time. MOB’s highlighters are made with finely crushed pearls add a layer of light wherever you apply. We can’t leave out is that this highlighter’s formulation also has a buttery texture and goes on very smooth and is a non-drying illumination that is free of talc, clean, and vegan. Find out more about MOB Beauty, their sustainable efforts, and how using their products can help put the earth first.

How did MOB Beauty get its start?

MOB is a brand made by, and for, makeup-lovers. As beauty industry vets, we wanted to push boundaries and show how good consciously formulated product can be while also helping to re-think and re-shape packaging in our industry.  

We operate our own labs where we create community-driven formulas well beyond the industry standard of “clean”—all of our formulas are silicone-free, plastic-free, vegan and more, but nothing leaves our lab until it meets the most rigorous standards of pro-artists. As for packaging, we couldn’t find packaging that met our sustainability standards, so we created our own up to an including a recently launched biodegradable packaging suite!

You mentioned that MOB was created by beauty industry vets. Who are these veterans and what has been their contribution to the beauty industry?

Our Co-founders are Alisha Gallagher and Vic Casale. Alisha, began her career at as a makeup artist at Laura Mercier, then moved on to product and brand building. After years of working in other areas of the business, including Sales Operations, Product Development, and Brand Marketing. As SVP of Global Sales at Cover FX for six year, Alisha met fellow MOB Co-founder Vic.

Vic began his career as Chief Chemist and Managing Director at MAC Cosmetics, Ltd. from the brand’s inception in 1984. At MAC he gained a reputation as a world-renowned product innovator known for formulating industry icons such as Studio Fix and a portfolio of pro-quality products used by make-up artists worldwide. 

In 2000, Victor co-founded Cover FX and supported the development of the brand as Chief Innovation Officer where he was an early pioneer in the vegan and clean beauty movement and created products free from irritants and ingredients that could be potentially harmful. This is also where he met MOB Beauty co-founder, Alisha Gallagher.

In addition to their work with MOB, Vic is also a co-founder of PACT Collective, a membership-based program for hard-to-recycle beauty packaging that takes responsibility for the beauty industry’s impact on the planet and Alisha is on the board of Pact Collective.

Did Vic or Alisha have past experience with clean, vegan, cruelty-free, or sustainable consumer beauty products?  

Yes, Vic and Alisha have a lot of experience in the clean beauty space. They both met at Cover FX, one of the earliest high-performance clean and vegan beauty brands. Vic also founded the Back to MAC recycling program at MAC Cosmetics over 30 years ago. 

What inspired Alisha and Vic to create a clean and sustainable beauty brand? 

The beauty industry produces an estimated 120 billion units of packaging waste each year. Having spent decades in the beauty industry, Vic and Alisha made it MOB's mission to do beauty better and disrupt the industry forever. Not only did they create a brand with the highest standards in clean ingredients and biodegradable packaging, but they're also solving to the beauty waste problem via PACT Collective, a non-profit beauty packaging recycling program - Vic is a Co-founder and Alisha sits on the board. 

What does MOB stand for?

Our name is about celebrating community and creating a participatory environment to come together with the intention of learning and doing beauty better—the MOB!

What is MOB Beauty’s brand mission?

We’re here to build beauty for a better future. To define new standards in the industry by questioning everything, to improve everything.

MOB is for anyone who digs deeper into what they buy, demands accountability and quality from their makeup, considers clean to be a necessity and believes packaging needs to be re-thought. Who believe:

  1. Sustainability isn't jargon — it’s our future
  2. People > Marketing
  3. Quality > Wastefulness
  4. Transparency = Truth

We started MOB Beauty to build a different kind of brand — a brand that’s defined by our community and good for the planet. We’re in it for the long haul.

What are the key ingredients in the MOB Highlighter?

We formulated our Highlighter with amino acid coated pigments for a buttery texture and non-drying, diffused layer of light. Chamomile extract calms your skin. Plus, natural antioxidants like Vitamin C and E strengthen and protect your skin's barrier. Ultra-fine pearls give a soft-focus illumination for face or body.

All MOB ingredients are earth-first: bio-degradable, ethically sourced, cruelty-free and vegan.

Is this highlighter talc-free?

Yes, all MOB formulas are talc-free.

Is the MOB highlighter for all skin types?

Yes, our highlighters are for all skin types

What are the highlighter trends for 2024?

Gorgeous, glowy skin that looks and feels healthy is timeless!

What is the best way to use your highlighter?

Follow the light! Add a pop of illumination to the high points of your face, wherever light naturally touches.

How long can we expect the MOB Beauty Highlighter to last?

You can expect our MOB Highlighter to last all day!

What other products from MOB Beauty can you suggest to our subscribers to compliment the MOB Highlighter?

Blurring Ceramide Cream Foundation is the perfect base to any makeup look. Weightless, buildable coverage packed with skin-barrier loving ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this award-winning formula offers a natural-radiant finish and blurs imperfections.

What does clean beauty mean to you?

We don’t just stop at clean. We formulate our products to leave out ingredients that are known or understood to be health concerns. All of our formulas are hypo-allergenic, while still maintaining the highest performance. Find our full No List here

What’s next for MOB?

We can’t reveal too much, but 2024 has us feeling *nostalgic* ;).

Our Subscribers will get either the M51 or M52 Highlighter in their February Box. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Talc-free, buttery texture and non-drying illumination that’s incredibly comfortable to wear. The Highlighter checks every box!

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