Dana Hill-Robinson's obsession with beauty products and self-care ignited at a young age when she observed her mother's beauty rituals. She noticed that her mother often incorporated natural oils and herbs from Indonesia, her homeland, where there was a tradition of using ingredients derived from nature. Dana's continued fascination with discovering makeup, skincare, hair, and fragrance that enhanced her beauty and mood became a catalyst to launch COCOTIQUE, a monthly beauty subscription box in 2013. Understanding that she wasn't alone in the desire for streamlined product discovery, she curated the experience, especially for Black and Brown women like you. She understands your frustration finding products that work. Dana also wanted COCOTIQUE to become a platform that raised awareness of brands founded by or created for multicultural people.

As COCOTIQUE grew, the brand came to stand for even more. Dana embarked on a mission to expand the definition of beauty and make self-care the heart of her work. "True beauty is a mind, body, and soul experience," she says. "It is not only about living a healthier lifestyle, but also being intentional when it comes to caring for yourself. When we understand and practice that more fully, we radiate a glow from within and the right products enrich what is there naturally."

This revelation was personal for Dana. Self-care was part of her recovery after experiencing domestic violence. She learned the importance of putting herself first, not just as a healing practice but as a way of life. She knew she wasn't alone. She realized that you need more opportunities to love yourself too. So she designs her box experiences so that you know the importance of taking the time to put yourself first. "COCOTIQUE is an opportunity to treat yourself to an affordable monthly indulgence with nurturing benefits," Dana explains. 

Dana's vision for COCOTIQUE, continues to expand. The platform is evolving to become a one-stop beauty and wellness destination—walking you from discovery to purchase on a single platform— featuring the best products for Black and Brown women.