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Love it but…

I just recently resubscribed to cocotique I love how their product cater to women especially black women I just miss the packaging bag that the product use to come with the items and I think that the items are a little less than the ones they had a few years ago nonetheless this is worth my money 💯

Salome Baker
Aging sensitive skin

I received the march Mystey box from coctique and all the products were very amazing for my aging skin.
I have dry skin,Raw Shea Butter hydrating body cream left my skin soft and well moisturized.
The hand cream gave my dry hands a nice refreshing touch as I use all the time with the strict hand washing going on it just makes my hands feel nourished and hydrated.
The body scrubber is a game changer as it exfoliates your body to reveal a soft and smooth skin.My skin is going to be glowing this summer and I’m going to be confident wearing a swimsuit.
I can’t live the house without lipstick and the glamatory lippies are the best as they give glam while the lipgloss keeps the lips moisturized at all times and I got the best shades of them all.
Thank you cocotique for sending these products my way to experience them!❤️🙏🏾

Lovely and works too.

I like the mask and curl creme, these products make my hair strands pop back. I took thr liberty of using them this wash day, I have low prorososity hair that is 4b &4a. A little goes a long way.

I Enjoyed January box!

I really enjoyed trying the products in jthis box. Wish the the body scrub was bigger since it was one of my favorite. I like the teeth whitening.

Love it!

I am late reviewing this but I LOVE this toothpaste. I normally don't use these types of products that come in beauty boxes. My teeth are sensitive, I had braces for years retainers, and so on. However... this is a must for me now! I used it ( no judgment) because I was out of Crest. I recalled I had this one. I'll use it this morning then stop by the store and get mine after work... so I thought! I used it and never turned back. It feels minty not overly gross and keeps my mouth fresh. Doesn't dry out your mouth like some charcoal pastes do! I will be ordering more for sure!!

Another great box!

Whata a great box for January from hair to skin to teeth care. I would have loved a full size body scrub as it was gentle and smelled delightful. My other favorite is the eye cream I received it works very well to hydrate the sensative areas around the eyes.

I enjoyed each and every product!

Good Products

My sister loved this present for her birthday.

Three in one!

Love this oil is multipurpose, may want thicker for the scalp but it works just fine in case it drips on your face! Just rub it in

Plant some seeds

I appreciate how each package comes with seeds to plant. Very biodegradable and ozone friendly packaging

Plant a seed

I appreciate how each package comes with seeds to plant. Very biodegradable and ozone friendly packaging

Plant a seed

I appreciate how each package comes with seeds to plant. Very biodegradable and ozone friendly packaging

Anti frizz stuff

My hair didn’t like this stuff. It made my hair feel coated and it didn’t comb through very well. I didn’t like it unfortunately. It should be creamer. But it is very dense and not a silky product

Great feel

This facial cleaner felt good on my face. No breakout. The smell wasn’t bad either. Better than the lotion smell

Great long lasting

I still have this soap in my bathroom. It goes a loooong way. I am happy with how it feels and smells

Hair care for you

This is a good self care and hair care box with accessories too! A great gift for a friend, shower or birthday, or even as a thank you

Great box

Full of all useful things. This box has a great lineup, must get for the makeup.

Two thumbs up!

I really enjoyed the hair care focus this month! TgiN was new to me and this offered a great introduction. I've used practically everything received from the invisbobbles to the hair drying tee and the hot oil treatments. Such a lovely box!

Allison H.
Probably one of my favourite boxes

This December's box was so me. Literally match what my hair needed. It’s like it was made for me, so personalized.

Useful and Giftable

The November 2023 box had stuff that I could use and gift easity. The exfoliating body bar I have used and enjoy. It becomes less effective as time goes on, of course but, it seemed to have happened kind of fast. The lip treatment was not something that I wanted or thought I needed but, boy was I wrong. The lip treatment has been FABULOUS. in the harsh, changeable weather of the North East; it has worked wonders, keeping my lips healthy. I haven't personally used the rose facial cleanser and moisturizer but, the people I have gifted them to have seemed to like them. The same is the case for the lavender cleanser. The serum that came with the lavendar cleanser I have been using and it seems to be going well. Overall I really enjoy the boxes; they are a great value. The full size products really give you the chance to try the product and know oif you wish to keep using it. I'm LOVING Cocotique and their boxes!

Dynamic Duo

Let's just start with the scent, thought the lavender would be over powering Wasn't. Cleaned well didn't over dry an I like the matching serum. Serum took me a learning curve but I realized to apply like my fenty fat water and viola. Nice

Now that's soft

My lips have never felt so moisturized. Has jelly like feeling at first then it just penetrates and softens so well I use it before bed. No it doesn't stay on like lip gloss or waxy lip chap but it feels 3x better

New to me

Really impressive. I've never used a soap sponge its neat. It gently exfoliates and lathers well


This box is excellent. I really love the face moisturizer and the hair gel is very rich. Im always excited to receive new and lovely products each month. Thank you so much!


This bar is fabulous but, the scrubber thing has become less affective pretty quick.