Get Healthy Nails With 10-Free Nail Polish

If you are looking to make a switch to a natural nail polish, you are going to love the 10-free luxury nail polish from Pear Nova in the February 2024 Box. Dianna Boss Classic Lacquer is a light pink, beige nude crème classic nail lacquer created to celebrate all skin tones. This nail lacquer is a fast drying, non-toxic formula that delivers a hue that lasts up to 10 days.

10-free nail polish refers to polishes that are formulated without 10 specific chemicals that have been linked to potential to several health concerns. Potentially, these polishes are considered safer for your health. Some of the 10 chemicals that have been linked to certain health concerns are: formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). According to some healthcare experts, these chemicals have been linked to respiratory problems, skin irritation, and even endocrine disruption. Not only are 10-free nail polishes considered safer, some experts believe that these polishes may help improve nail health.

Find out more about how former fashion design and technology student, Rachel James, now, CEO and Founder of Pear Nova, transitioned her love for nail polish into a luxury nail care brand and created safer alternative products for the beauty industry.

How did Pear Nova get its start? 

Pear Nova was born in Chicago, IL, in 2012 – the culmination of my decades-long passion for all things nails, a love for travel, beauty, and fashion, and a lack of representation of minority skin tones in the nail, beauty, and fashion industries. After many years of expressing myself through nail artistry and purchasing nail lacquers and nail care products, I noticed that not many nail brands offered non-toxic options that complemented medium to dark skin tones. Pear Nova was created to be that brand.

What inspired the name Pear Nova? 

My sister-in-love, Nova. We lost her in 2009 due to domestic violence. When deciding on a name for my company I knew I wanted to name it after her. While researching, I came across the Nova Pear tree which is known to withstand extreme temperatures. Because I looked to Nova as one of the strongest women I knew and the fact that I wanted to make a durable, luxury, healthy nail polish - the name was perfect. 

What did you do before you started Pear Nova? 

I worked as an esthetician at a spa in Chicago and my favorite part of my job was waxing eyebrows. On the side, I expressed my creativity as a personal shopper/stylist and a makeup artist. 



How has your degree in fashion merchandising and your experience in beauty experience inspired Pear Nova? 

I don’t just think of nail polish colors. I look to designs on the runway, street style and beauty trends. My background allows me to place nails in the fashion & beauty worlds and that gives Pear Nova nail lacquer collections more depth & meaning. 

How important is it for us to use 10 Free nail polish? 

Most nail lacquers you use are at least 3-5 Free and you may not know it. It’s important to find products that do not contain unnecessary ingredients that have a negative reputation.

Talk to us about 10 Free. What does it mean? 

10 free means the nail polish is void of 10 of the most harmful ingredients and chemicals that are found in nail polish (formaldehyde, toluene, parabens, camphor, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), xylene, phthalates, triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), tert-butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP), ethyl tosylamide). We created long lasting, vibrant, chip resistant nail lacquer without compromising your health.

What are your top 3 selling nail lacquer colors? 

Dianna Boss (a soft warm pink, sandy nude), Michelle Our Mama (a medium oak brown) and Tokyo Afterglow (a powder blue)

What color trends can we look forward to this spring and summer? 

Soft shades of blue, pink and yellow with lots of metallics mixed in and a touch of gray and chocolate. 

What other products from Pear Nova can you suggest to our subscribers? 

Our nail care items are a must. We have a complete manicure system with a milky base coat, top coats, cuticle oil, plus a scrub and butter for hands + feet. 

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2020? 

Disbelief. I received an email and it took some time for me to accept that it wasn’t fabricated. Immediately after was pure excitement and the first people I told were my parents. 

What’s next for Pear Nova? 

We launched several makeup products in the last year - lip liners, lip balms, eye shadow + eye liner sticks and an eyeshadow palette. I’ve had so much fun creating products outside of the nail category and the reviews have been great especially for our lip liners and eyeshadow palette. I love the idea of creating new products and allowing our customers to decide what’s next and what sticks. 

Those who get the February Box will get a bottle of Dianna Boss – Classic Lacquer. What is the one thing you want them to know?  

I created Dianna Boss back in 2017 as part of our best selling collection, BRWNGRLMGC. I looked to pay homage to women that have inspired the masses through art, beauty, music and power and bottled up that magic to celebrate medium to deep skin tones. 

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