Life is short… How many times have you heard that? For Founder and Owner, of Mask Off Beauty Rae Crowder decided to stop hiding from the world and created a brand of skincare products. After extensive product research and proven success with DIY techniques, Rae felt confident enough to help others feel the same liberation. Read all about how Rae unmasked and created Mask Off Beauty. Also, if you haven’t tried the Marine Complex Face Mask from the Holiday Limited Edition Box, you don’t know what you’re missing!
How did the brand get its start?

Between the ages 18-25, I was on the "pill" for both a medical condition and to prevent pregnancy. For many women, one of the positive side effects of birth control pills is that it can work wonders for clearing up acne. Once I completed college I decided to discontinue using the “pill” but didn’t know I had signed up for chronic breakouts. To fix this, I eliminated soda, sugary drinks, candies, etc. from my diet. This change seemed to help a little but the improvements weren’t significant. After frustration set in, I started using makeup to cover what I saw as imperfections. At the time I thought I was fly, but in hindsight my contour probably looked more like bozo the clown. Then one day in 2014 my sister invited me to take a skin care class at a national retailer. During this course, I was exposed to serums, mask, and other products to care for my skin. I had a light bulb moment and decided to get serious about properly caring for my skin. After two years of learning and practicing DIY face care techniques, I had a breakthrough and achieved clearer healthier skin. I felt liberated from makeup and breakouts so I started working on a brand that could give others this same freedom. I focused the next 10 months on which skincare products to offer, key ingredients, branding, etc. Then I finally launched Mask Off Beauty during the 2018 Columbus, Ohio startup week.
How did the brand get its name?

During the R&D (research & development) phase of Mask Off Beauty, I experienced a lot of heartache with the death of my uncle and cancer diagnosis with mom. I am an introvert and often shy away from self-promotion, high-visibility events, etc., but these moments of grief showed me that life is too short to hide from the world. It was time to take the mask off and go for what I wanted in life. I also wanted people to have confidence in their natural beauty, so I made Mask Off Beauty the official company name.
What inspired the Marine Complex Facial Treatment?

We are constantly bombarded with expectations, advertisement, social media, etc. so I believe in spending time alone to detox our mind, body, and spirit. The Marine Complex Face Mask is a detox mask and since we’re exposed to environmental toxins I want people to remember that detoxifying our skin is equally important.
What are the key ingredients in this product?

Seaweed, irish moss, spirulina, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil and grapeseed oil.
What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

Seaweed, irish moss and spirulina help to deep clean the skin and restore firmness. Safflower oil, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil and grapeseed oil provide the hydration we need throughout the year as well as protection from environmental toxins.
How often should this mask be used?

I recommend applying this mask one time per week then determine what frequency up to several times a week works best for your skin.
Is this for all skin types?

This face mask is great for combination, dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin types.
What can people expect after using?

This face mask treatment leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
What’s next for Mask Off Beauty?

In 2019, my goal is to expand into offering additional skincare products such as lip scrubs, toners, serums, etc.
For customers who purchase the Holiday Limited Edition Box, they will receive a travel size of the Marine Complex Facial Mask. What is the one thing that you’d like to leave them with?

Remember to always embrace your natural beauty, because it’s what makes each of us unique. To keep up with Mask Off Beauty, you can follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.