Discover the Benefits of Honey & Lemon

We are happy to introduce to you Reshma Beauty’s Honey & Lemon Face Wash in the June Box. There’s nothing better than using natural ingredients to cleanse your face. You will love this refreshing clarifying face wash, as we move into the warmer months and if you’re wearing PPE face mask that is trapping in warm air. You can count on this face wash to clean thoroughly clean your face without stripping it of its natural oils. Read about all about the benefits of honey & lemon and how they work together to fresh clean skin.
What inspired you to create the Honey and Lemon Face Wash?
There are many face washes on the market that excessively dry the skin out while disinfecting the pores. We noticed a void in the market lack in for a product that combines deep cleansing with ample hydration. Reshma Beauty’s Honey & Lemon Face Wash is the answer to that. While the lemon extract in this face wash helps de-clog pores of dirt, impurities and acne-causing bacteria, the soothing honey helps nourish the skin with intense hydration. In doing so, this dual action face wash not only helps detox and refresh the skin, but also moisturizes and heals it.
In what ways are Honey and Lemon good for the skin?
In addition to what inspired us to create a Honey & Lemon formula, honey has been used since the biblical times, for its beautifying properties, like fading scars, healing acne and evening out skin tone. It is full of anti-oxidants that help treat inflammation, redness and irritation, along with deeply moisturizing the skin. Lemon is a natural astringent that is full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a Vitamin C powerhouse, lemon helps regenerate new skin cells and brightens up the skin.
Is this for all skin types?
Yes, this is for all skin types, and it especially effective for acne prone skin types for both men and women.
What can people expect after using?
Women and men can both expect a refreshing cleanse and detox, that leaves your skin feeling smooth, radiant and polished.
What is the best follow up after the face wash?
For best results, follow up with Reshma Rosewater Toner, and top that off with Reshma Beauty’s Turmeric Cream for added hydration and to seal the skin, with Turmeric’s innumerable skin benefits. USE OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE LOVECOCO FOR 20% OFF SITEWIDE AT RESHMABEAUTY.COM - EXPIRES AUGUST 31, 2020 To keep up with Reshma Beauty you can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.