June 2020

A Time to Get Fresh

Watch out ladies, male grooming products are trying to catch up with us. We are so excited to introduce you to Under Guard, a brand created by multi-talented entrepreneur and beauty industry veteran Dawn Green, who created a brand dedicated to men’s hygiene and keeping them fresh while on-the-go ... View Post

Get That Summertime Glow

Summertime comes with hot sticky and humid days, but you didn't sign up for melting makeup in your caky makeup in your creases or smeared liner or mascara. How do you achieve that flawless face that can take you from day to night without looking a hot mess in the process? We have a few summertime... View Post

Discover the Revolution of Hydration for All Hair Types

If you’re looking for moisturizing hair care products for textured or relaxed hair, you will love the 4 full-size products from INNATE Hair Care Collection in the June Box. We are happy to introduce you to the latest brand from Twisted Sista, one of our trusted brand partners who have created an... View Post

Living Green

As we continue to make lifestyle changes for better health by choosing healthier foods and safer self-care products, we have to also include living a sustainable life. Opting for a greener life won't just enhance your conscious living, but it is also great for the environment. One thing's for cer... View Post

Discover the Benefits of Honey & Lemon

We are happy to introduce to you Reshma Beauty’s Honey & Lemon Face Wash in the June Box. There’s nothing better than using natural ingredients to cleanse your face. You will love this refreshing clarifying face wash, as we move into the warmer months and if you’re wearing PPE face mask that ... View Post

Clear Choices

Did you know that your lifestyle choices can play a major role in helping you achieve a clear complexion? Your skin is your largest organ and it's important to know how to care for it. From foods to hormones, there are several ways you can achieve beauty inside and out. Here are a few healthy str... View Post


Are you looking for a line of hair care products that are specifically designed for textured hair? Then you definitely want to give Amplified Textures a try. We’ve partnered again with Dove for the May Box to bring you a full-size shampoo, mask, and conditioner that can be used on textured: curly... View Post

Back to Basics

The idea of choosing a natural deodorant is always a great idea at first, until you find yourself in an uncompromising vulnerable position questioning yourself if that’s you that you smell. However, on the positive side, choosing a natural deodorant is a way to incorporate and use essential ingre... View Post

Switch to Organic Fem-Care

The one thing a woman knows is her body and that's why we could not be happier to recommend woman-owned brands when it comes to feminine hygiene. Did you know that there are trace amounts of dioxins found in most of the conventional brands' personal care products? For years, women have used pads ... View Post