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The idea of choosing a natural deodorant is always a great idea at first, until you find yourself in an uncompromising vulnerable position questioning yourself if that’s you that you smell. However, on the positive side, choosing a natural deodorant is a way to incorporate and use essential ingredients that are beneficial to your health. As you know we always love it when we meet a woman of color, who has created her own product. We had an opportunity to talk with Cassandra Turner founder of Earthly Origins about the what inspired her to create her Natural Deodorant Spray to the key ingredients used to make this transitioning the benefits of the ingredients she used for this unique spray.
How did the brand get its start?
I have always had a love for natural products, I have tried tons and have been disappointed by many due to claiming to be natural, but they actually weren’t. I had begun making my own products for personal and family use. Then, I decided to create my own personal care product line.
What inspired you to create a natural deodorant?
I stated transitioning into using natural products in my late teens. I struggled the most with finding a natural deodorant that worked. I would get painful lumps on my underarms from commercial deodorant/antiperspirants. Natural deodorants on the market that I have tried contained confusing ingredients, were not totally plant-based, and ultimately, did not work consistently. I also noticed the majority of the natural deodorants contained the ‘run in the mill’ ingredient; sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda which, was very irritating to my skin. During the many trials, embarrassing moments, and feeling hopeless, I continued to research and try plant extracts and essential oils that were known to “deodorize”, I began mixing up different combinations and testing them on myself exclusively. IT WORKED! I no longer developed lumps or had embarrassing smells by mid-day. I knew that it was absolutely natural with 5 simple plant-based ingredients.
What are the benefits of using a natural deodorant?
When it comes to our armpits, which is close to the axillary lymph nodes and the lymphatics of the mammary gland, using a natural deodorant helps filter germs and other disease-causing organisms from the body. Avoiding sweat preventative chemicals such as aluminum based deodorants, allows your body to sweat out toxins, which boosts blood flow and immune system.
What are the key ingredients in your deodorant?
The key ingredients in Earthly Origins Natural Deodorant are: citrus extract, vegetable glycerine, lavender, lemongrass, and patchouli essential oils.
What are the key benefits of these key ingredients?
Citrus Extract - antioxidant, deodorizer Vegetable Glycerine - creates a protective barrier on the skin, moisturizing and hydrating Lavender Essential Oil - antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties Lemongrass Essential Oil - antimicrobial, deodorizer Patchouli Essential Oil - deodorizer, anti-inflammatory
What is it free from?
How long does the deodorant last?
Earthly Origins Natural Deodorant is safe for all ages and can last 12-24 hours. Detoxing, activity and body chemistry all plays a factor.
Does it dry your skin out?
Earthly Origins Natural Deodorant does not dry your skin out. The vegetable glycerine is intended to moisturize and hydrate your skin.
Because of its natural ingredients, how long is the shelf life?
The shelf life of the deodorant is 12 months.
Is there any particular way of storing it?
There is no particular way to store the deodorant; however, I do recommend storing it in the refrigerator as it is going to take you months to use the bottle. I feel it helps the essential oils from oxidizing quickly.
What’s next for Earthly Origins?
Earthly Origins is looking to expand its product line in the near future. We are looking forward to providing detoxifying clay blends for the skin and distributing essential oils.
What is the one thing that you want customers to know about Earthly Origins?
Earthly Origins Natural Deodorant is versatile, it is not only beneficial for your underarms, it can also be used for foot odor, poo spray, room spray, toilet spray, clothing (some fabrics). To keep up with Earthly Origins, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.