Living Green

As we continue to make lifestyle changes for better health by choosing healthier foods and safer self-care products, we have to also include living a sustainable life. Opting for a greener life won't just enhance your conscious living, but it is also great for the environment. One thing's for certain since the quarantine, there have been fewer carbon emissions and pollutants destroying the atmosphere leaving us with bluer skies and fresher air. We have all heard of the term global warming and how it is impacting everything from the rising of the earth's average temperatures climate system to the warming of the ocean's surface. Our activities and lifestyle choices can play a major role in helping reduce the use of natural resources. Here's how you can do your part and start to live a greener and sustainable life.
Say No to Plastic
We consume a lot of water, use a lot of plastic shopping bags, and toothbrushes. Where does all of this plastic go? At least 90% of the plastics used are not recycled. This contributes to unnecessary waste on land and in the ocean. Switch your plastics to sustainable materials and invest in reusable water bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, and use recycled paper bags or recycled plastic shopping bags, etc.
Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
From paper to apparel to everything in between recycling is key to becoming environmentally conscious. Today, you can find recycle programs just about anywhere. You can also buy products that are made from bamboo fibers or recycled materials this way you can contribute to creating less waste.
Smart Transportation
Battery-operated cars are on the rise. Instead of buying a car that uses fuel, go for a battery-operated car. Now that the weather is warmer, try walking or riding a bike to get to your destination. Carpooling is always a great option, but remember to wear your mask and crack the window to allow for proper ventilation.
Turn it Off
When not in use, turn it off. You can also unplug unused items as well. Not every electric on your kitchen counter needs to be plugged in especially when you're not using it. Using a smart power strip is also another way to use less energy.
Shop and Eat Local and Fresh Foods
Not only does this bring the neighborhood together, but it also gives you a greater sense of contribution to the local business and cutting down on transportation. Find out where the community garden is in your neighborhood and plant some fresh herbs and vegetables or order some take out from your favorite restaurant.
Make the Change:
Try using LED light bulbs to cut back on the energy being used. LED lightbulbs last longer and typically use 75% less energy. Switch your appliances to smart appliances that also uses less energy. Practice energy efficient tactics like turning off your electronics running less water to create your eco carbon, water footprints.
Sustainable and Ethical Fashion
While faux fur made a huge animal rights statement, how is that material broken down? The disposal of too many clothes is overloading our landfills. The better option for the environment is to shop at thrift stores, have a swap party with family and friends, and to buy clothes that are made with sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and hemp. You alone can make a difference. Take a moment to research work that will work best for your lifestyle. You can also suggest that your job creates a green committee if it doesn't have one. All of your efforts and contributions will be economically, socially, personally, and environmentally sustainable. ❤️