Discover the Revolution of Hydration for All Hair Types

If you’re looking for moisturizing hair care products for textured or relaxed hair, you will love the 4 full-size products from INNATE Hair Care Collection in the June Box. We are happy to introduce you to the latest brand from Twisted Sista, one of our trusted brand partners who have created another collection dedicated to hydrating multicultural hair without all of the harsh chemicals that strip and damage hair of its natural state. Read more about these amazing products and their secret hero ingredients that make this UK brand a must-have in your beauty arsenal.
How did the brand get its start?
INNATE is the third product collection launched by Urban Therapy one of the first companies to tap into the textured hair revolution with a salon-inspired hair care range from London. Urban Therapy Salon curated Twisted Sista for their clientele to explore fun creative styling with curl definition, moisture and shine for all kinds of textures including curls and coils. Clear N’ Nourish, a transparent clear formula made with the best super fruit formulation to enhance volume, bounce and shine for thinning textured hair launched about 4 years ago in the UK and France. Most recently Urban Therapy launched INNATE Textured Hair Collection with plant derived ingredients and maholo water to address consumers concerns for keeping hydrating hair and maintaining a healthy scalp for healthy growing hair.
How is it being included in the Twisted Sista family?
Twisted Sista has been a trusted professional performance brand for more than 15+ years and so when we decided to launch INNATE it made sense to have TWISTED SISTA present it to the textured hair community to support the benefits and performance of a new collection.
What inspired the INNATE Hair Care Collection?
This collection was inspired to address hydration and to support healthy growing strong hair for versatile styling.
Is this for all types of hair?
For all hair types and textures from loose waves to tight coils and for those with versatile styling needs.
What about relaxed hair?
Our products are great on relaxed hair and for those with natural hair who choose to wear straight hairstyles. Per our stylists, the collection works well on protective styles like wigs, and straight hair extensions.
What are the key ingredients in the Instant Hydrating Conditioner?
The entire collection is infused 4 major heroes: MAHALO WATER offers deep hydration from the sea, which is extracted from the deep oceans of Kailua-Kona Hawaii and purified, free from salt. The volcanoes in this area feed the ocean all its natural minerals and electrolytes, which helps to seal in hydration. TEA TREE OIL is extracted from a narrow-leaved tree. Its natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral properties make it a great all natural treatment for dry scalp. COCONUT OIL is the richest natural source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and medium fatty acids known to be very nourishing keeping hair moisturized. BAMBOO FIBERS are natural anit-micro properties of strength, preventing hair loss, split ends and dull hair. In addition to our 4 major heroes, all of our products also include: Aloe and Almond Oils. What can women expect after using? Nourishing scalp, fuller healthy hair and amazing shine!
What should she follow up with after using the Hydrating Conditioner?
Innate Hydrating Conditioner is an after-shower solution featuring complex plants and essential oils that instantly repair and protect your hair and scalp in 5 minutes or less. Depending on styling preference, our Anti Frizz Texture Cream can be used for wash n go styles, styling ponytails and updos, twist outs and braids. If you prefer straight styling, then the after conditioner go to is our Anti Frizz Straightening Cream.
What’s the difference between the Anti Frizz Texture Cream and Anti Frizz Straightening Cream?
Anti Frizz Texture Cream is a styling crème for waves and curls, formulated with moisturizing benefits that helps to reduce air-drying time. Anti Frizz Straightening Cream is a soft lightweight crème with properties that prevent split ends and frizz, while protecting hair from up to 450° heat.
What are the key ingredients in these products?
Our 4 hero ingredients and Vitamin E.
Do any of these cremes leave hair feeling stiff and crunchy?
Stylists have tested with no reports of stiffness, residue, or the day after crunch.
How long will the cremes control the frizz?
Our frizz control is 24 hours, however our stylists suggest for straight styles to wrap hair at night and use a protective silk covering like a bonnet or head scarp. They also suggest to sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.
What other products from the line can you suggest?
To finish off all styling needs, try our Fix Hold Mist, a UV protective after styling hair spray designed to hold your hair’s shape and curls in place with added shine and our Shine Mist, a light finishing spray designed to hold your hair’s style & curls in place with added shine.
What’s next for Innate?
We have new items being tested by our resident stylists to contribute to our Anti Frizz styling collection.
Each of our subscribers who get the June Box will receive 4 full-size conditioning and styling products. What is the one thing that customers should know?
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