Get That Summertime Glow

Summertime comes with hot sticky and humid days, but you didn't sign up for melting makeup in your caky makeup in your creases or smeared liner or mascara. How do you achieve that flawless face that can take you from day to night without looking a hot mess in the process? We have a few summertime makeup tips that we want to share with you that will keep your face fresh and give you that summertime glow. Make sure that you have the following products in your beauty arsenal for that flawless glow.
1. Moisturizer
The first step to flawless skin is moisture. It's very important to give your skin the hydration that it needs day or night at any time of the year. Knowing how to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type and tone is just as important as using one.
2. Protection
You want to arm your skin from the brutal sun. As much as we love to feel the sun on our skin, it's important that we also protect it from the harmful UV rays with a broad spectrum SPF. There are several sunscreens for melanin skin that you can choose from.
3. Primer
A good primer is something that will help prevent your makeup from creasing on your face. Apply before your makeup to hold everything in place throughout the day. Some primers have a built-in bronzer that can help give you that dewy glow face in just 5 minutes.
4. Bronzer
Today, you can find all kinds of bronzers from powders to liquids and creams. Bronzers will give you that sun-kissed look and highlight your features. You can also get that dewy look without feeling like you want to peel your makeup off. Choose a bronzer or highlighter from a plethora of Black-Owned brands that can give you that seamless finish.
5. Setting Spray
A couple of squirts and you are set! Setting sprays are one of the makeup artists' best-kept secret to making makeup last longer. After you finish your full face, blush, lashes, lip, etc, you'll want to set it with a setting spray that will keep your face set all day or if you want to reset your makeup without any cakeiness. Make sure that you choose the best spray for your skin type. For that summertime glow for your face and body, try the Kiss Professional Pro Touch Glow & Bronze Cream in the latest COCOTIQUE box. GET THE JUNE BOX – please make this a button to click