A Time to Get Fresh

Watch out ladies, male grooming products are trying to catch up with us. We are so excited to introduce you to Under Guard, a brand created by multi-talented entrepreneur and beauty industry veteran Dawn Green, who created a brand dedicated to men’s hygiene and keeping them fresh while on-the-go with the help of her teenage grandson. Refresh is a biodegradable wipe for active men and teens. Not only is this product perfect for him, it’s also great for the environment. Find out more about how Green was inspired by common issues of not finding compatible products on the market and how she can now fill that void for men of color with Refresh. Congratulations on the launch of Under Guard! Please tell us about your new creation.
How did the brand get its start?
Under Guard was inspired by my Grandson Zaire, who is the CEO of Under Guard. As a young athletic teen, we found he was dealing with hygiene issues after games and practices. He needed a solution to help clean up and stay fresh throughout his active day. There weren’t a lot of products that were all natural and affordable at store level to address these issues. We not only wanted to create a great product for active teens and men, but we wanted to be a part of creating a movement that celebrates and honors MOC and hopefully inspire the next generation of young, black, CEO’s.
What are the key ingredients in this wipe?
Under Guard wipes are blended with Chamomile extract and Myrrh.
What are the benefits of these key ingredients?
Myrrh helps to kill harmful bacteria on the skin and has been known as a naturally powerful antioxidant. Chamomile is the perfect anti-inflammatory herb that helps to soothe irritated skin.
What materials is the wipe made from?
Our wipes are made from a natural biodegradable cotton. They are also flushable and do not cause irritation on the skin.
What is your inspiration for creating a sustainable product?
Under Guard was developed to help address proper personal hygiene for men and teens. It is often a difficult conversation to have, especially for single moms who may have young active teens that need to understand the importance of maintaining personal hygiene.
What’s next for Under Guard?
We have just finished up our free wipe campaign and are excited to launch our full website where men can get personal hygiene tips, connect with our customer care team, and get updates on new products coming down the line.
Where can Under Guard be found?
Under Guard is currently sold directly on our site underguardwipes.com
What is the one thing that you’d like for subscribers to know about Under Guard, so they share this with the men in their lives?
We wipe our hands of racism. We wipe our hands of hate. We wipe our hands of injustice. Today we stand for hope. We stand for love. We stand for true FREEDOM. We stand with our community in the hope that one day in OUR GENERATION we will see change. Under Guard by Women, For Men. USE OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE COCO10 FOR 10% OFF SITEWIDE AT UNDERGUARDWIPES.COM - EXPIRES AUGUST 31, 2020 To keep up with Under Guard you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.