The Oral Care Benefits of Zinc and Black Seed Oil

Did you know that zinc and black seed oil are important ingredients to healthy oral care? Zinc is a well-known mineral that supports your immune system, but it can also fight off infections in the mouth, help control plaque, and assist in wound healing. Black seed oil is known for its antimicrobial properties, ant-inflammatory properties, wound healing. Together, these two key ingredients along with other selected ingredients make up a patented formula that can make a big difference in your oral care routine. 

We are happy to introduce to SprinJene Natural and their Fluoride Free Toothpaste and Sensitivity Relief Fluoride Free Toothpaste in the May Box. Find out more about how Founder, Dr. Sayed Ibrahim created this natural toothpaste and how his special formulations have married the benefits of science and nature.

How did SprinJene Natural get its name?

The name SprinJene (pronounced Sprin-JEEN) is derived from the Dutch word “Springen '' meaning to burst forth. SprinJene conveys a sense of vibrant energy and natural goodness, reflecting our brand’s commitment to providing a refreshing and invigorating oral care experience. 

Dr. Sayed

What inspired Dr. Sayed Ibrahim to start an oral care company? 

As a PhD scientist with a distinguished career in senior technical roles, he believed the world deserved a better toothpaste-one free from harsh chemicals or abrasives, that cleans and whitens while protecting enamel. Drawing from his upbringing, he recognized the transformative power of black seed oil and founded a brand that blends this natural remedy with modern science. 


What are the key ingredients in your fluoride free toothpaste?

A patented blend of black seed oil and zinc, xylitol, coconut oil, stevia, acacia gum 

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

Black seed oil and zinc: Thymoquinone in black seed oil provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits for healthy gums and oral lubrication. The FDA recently approved the use of Zinc as a natural anti-gingivitis agent, enhancing the effects of black seed oil. 
Xylitol: Harvested from the bark of birch trees, it helps to fight plaque by neutralizing plaque acids. 
Coconut Oil: used for centuries for general oral health and lubrication, it also helps to fight tooth decay. 
Stevia: A natural sweetener that sweetens the formula without the use of sugar. 
Acacia Gum: A natural binder, it inhibits the growth of periodontal bacteria.

For years, we heard that fluoride was important ingredient in oral care. Talk to us about the recent decisions that fluoride isn’t always a necessary ingredient. 

Fluoride is a natural occurring mineral and in small amounts is beneficial for oral health, like helping to prevent tooth decay and strengthen enamel. Exposure to excessive levels, especially in childhood may cause other oral issues like tooth discoloration and bone problems. We offer both fluoride and fluoride-free options in all our toothpastes to cater to every customer.



SPRINJENE NATURAL + Sensitivity Relief Fluoride Free Toothpaste



What oral issues can a sensitive toothpaste help relieve? 

With regular use, a sensitive toothpaste can help relieve several oral issues, including: 
Tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and drinks. 
Gum discomfort
Sensitivity due to enamel erosion or gum recession. 

What can people expect after using SprinJene Natural Fluoride Free toothpaste?

With regular use, people can expect healthier gums and teeth, fresh breath, protection against plaque buildup, and relief from dry mouth. 

Are your toothpaste formulations good for everyone? 

Yes! Our formulations are natural and free from harsh abrasives or chemicals. We have toothpastes for adults and children and our formulations are vegan, certified halal, kosher and cruelty free. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive brand. 

Do you offer a line of oral care for kids?

Yes, we have toothpastes in both fluoride and fluoride free formulas that boast kid-friendly fun flavors like Strawberry, Vanilla, Bubblegum, and Watermelon. We believe in instilling good dental habits early!

What other products from SprinJene Natural can you suggest to our subscribers? 

Our Total Care Natural Mouthwash is one of our best sellers. This alcohol-free, natural rinse features our patented blend of black seed oil and zinc, making it an ideal addition to your oral care routine. It has a distinct, natural taste that helps to protect enamel and freshen breath. 

What is SprinJene Natural’s mission?

We are dedicated to making the world smile naturally. Our mission is to provide the global community with the most advanced, safe and gentle oral care solutions. We firmly believe that oral health serves as the gateway to overall well-being and we want to naturally improve the oral wellness of brushers across the globe.

What’s next for SprinJene Natural?

We are currently developing a game-changing toothpaste and will be announcing the launch in coming months! Sign up at to be the first to hear about it. 

Those who get the May box will get a full-size Fluoride Free Toothpaste or a Sensitivity Relief Fluoride Free Toothpaste. What is the one thing you want them to know? 

COCOTIQUE subscribers can be confident that they are getting the highest quality natural toothpaste in the market with SprinJene Natural.  Their teeth will thank them. 

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