Restore Dry, Damaged Hair Instantly

Deep conditioning your hair offers a range of benefits that will help restore dry, damaged hair. Whether your hair is naturally healthy or needs some extra TLC, you won’t be disappointed with the full-size jar of Olori Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning & Restorative Treatment in the January 2024 COCOTIQUE Box. This super moisturizing deep conditioner is a great remedy for damaged, dry, and brittle hair that is guaranteed to give you noticeable results after just 2 uses. Made from a special blend of palm kernel seed oil, argan oil, and African butters, Damage Be Gone goes a long way to add much-needed moisture to parched and thirsty hair. 

We are also very happy to help Founder & CEO, Toyin Odulate introduce Olori, an African-themed manufacturing start-up, based out of Lagos, Nigeria to the United States with her debut in the January 2024 Box. Find out more about Toyin’s entrepreneurial journey and how this natural deep conditioner can work for your hair. 

Toyin Odulate

How did Olori get its start?

I founded the company over 7 years ago in Lagos, Nigeria, after a hair coloring episode gone very wrong. My hair felt like hay after that experience. My mom mixed a natural potion for me that she used to make for my sister and I when we were kids and it literally reversed the damage and texture of my hair within days. Hence the inspiration behind the name of our first collection – Damage Be Gone. I then knew that I had to jar this product and share it with the world. I sent samples to about 20 of my friends to try out. They all loved it and kept asking me for more. When I could no longer sustain or afford to give it out for free, I started to sell it in recycled Body Shop jars. We peeled off the Body Shop labels and created our own Olori labels and stuck in on the jars. That’s how we started!

What does Olori mean?

Olori is the Yoruba word for “Queen”, in my Nigerian language. It signifies refinement, ambition and all the attributes known to a queen or a woman of royal descent. I believe that there’s an Olori in every woman, innately. And this is what I hope my brand inspires and communicates to all women and young girls across the globe. 

When did Olori come to the US?

We literally just launched into the market in January 2024. Our first feature is inside the January 2024 COCOTIQUE Box! We have been in product development mode for the past 2 years!

How has your transition been?

It’s been humbling. I have basically birthed a whole new company, with its own identity that is now a sister brand to the company I originally founded in Lagos, Nigeria 7 years ago.

How important is it for you to use natural ingredients?

Using natural ingredients has been a key focus for us from day 1. However, over time it has become more important to us to make sure our formulations are clean, vegan and most of all effective.

What are the key ingredients in the Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning & Restorative Treatment?

Our lead key ingredient in this product is the palm kernel seed oil. This is an oil that originates in the southwestern region of Nigeria and has been a part of ancient beauty and health rituals dating back to many years ago – to care for hair and skin and to treat common ailments. 

How do you use the Deep Conditioning & Restorative Treatment? 

This product is great to use in several ways – as a pre-poo after taking down a variety of protective styles, such as braids, cornrows or twists or can be used after a shampoo cleansing session to deep condition for 15 to 20 minutes under a hooded drier, a heat cap or a steamer. 

Is this Deep Conditioning & Restorative Treatment good for all hair types?

This product works particularly well with intensely kinky, tight textures and all Type 4 hair types. Especially Type 4C hair and beyond. If you feel that your natural hair is yet to be categorized, then this product will work well for you. Type 3 hair types are welcome to use this product for an amazing experience as well. 

How soon can people see results after using the Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning & Restorative Treatment? 

They can see the results almost immediately. Just in the touch and feel of your hair afterwards, you will feel the hydration and moisture restored to calmer tresses. With continued use after taking down protective styles, if hair feels thirsty and very dry, this product – on average people should see a marked improvement in the texture of their hair, especially from a thriving and easier manageability standpoint.

What other products from Olori can you suggest to complement the Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning & Restorative Treatment? 

Our Hydra-Clarifying Shampoo – great for gently cleansing hair while removing excess build-up without stripping the hair of essential moisture. Our Leave-In Detangler works in a multitude of ways – to detangle your hair during or after taking down a protective style, can be used as a rinse out conditioner after shampooing hair, or can be used as a leave-in component after shampooing and deep conditioning, prior to styling or blow drying. In addition – our Happy Hair Butter Pomade is a great daily hair dresser – work it into your short afro, or use it to moisturize your scalp and edges during a protective style moment, include it as part of an LOC treatment method, or use as a hot oil treatment! Our products work great together or on their own!

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I think it’s been in my DNA my entire life. As a teenager, I fantasized about running my own beauty company someday. Also, there’s a strong heritage of entrepreneurship in my family. My paternal grandfather was a well-known entrepreneur in Nigeria and was the founder of an iconic drug brand known as Alabukun in Nigeria over 100 years ago and this brand’s legacy still endures till this day. He was a self-taught chemist and inventor. So, I guess the inspiration to mix potions, in the form of cosmetics in my case, is definitely in my genetic makeup. 

What is your proudest moment as a business owner?

I think in the most recent times, it was watching my dream of launching OLORI in the USA come to life – from thoughts on paper, to drawings, to 3D mockups, to formulation revisions, to having all of that come together to the point where I could hold the finished products in my hands. I felt like I had finally birthed this idea and dream that had weighed on me for so long. Watching the products being produced on the production line was another very proud moment for me!

What’s next for Olori?

Deepening our brand awareness, extending our availability to other well-known retail platforms and slowly extending our offering over the course of the year!

Those who get the January Box will get a Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning & Restorative Treatment. What is the one thing you want them to know?

I want them to know that this is not their average deep conditioner. I want them to have a feeling of self-care – from the unusual delicious scent – to its level of efficacy. I hope that they can come to love it and adopt it as part of their regular haircare routine forever!

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