The Benefits of Using An Amino Bonding Complex Hair Oil

If you are looking to restore damaged hair, an Amino Bonding Complex Hair Oil, like the one from Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula in the April 2024 Box is something that we highly recommend. This COCOTIQUE approved treatment is a proprietary natural bonding technology, uniquely formulated to restore and protect hair bonds that have been severely damaged by chemicals, styling and/or the environment from the inside out.

  Here are some of the benefits it boasts:

  • Strengthens hair: By replenishing amino acids, one of the building blocks of hair, it can help to strengthen hair strands and reduce breakage.
  • Repairs damaged hair: The complex can penetrate the hair shaft to repair damage caused by chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental factors.
  • Improves shine and softness: By helping to smooth the hair cuticle and seal in moisture, the oil can give hair a shinier and softer appearance.
  • Protects hair: This Amino Bonding Complex Hair Oil also contain ingredients that can help to protect hair from future damage caused by heat styling tools up to 450° and high exposure to UV rays.



One of the reasons why we love Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Amino Bonding Complex is that it contains ingredients that target hair repair and strengthening. Check out the key ingredients below: 

Coconut Oil
Arginine (Amino Acid)

A little goes a long way. This healing oil is highly concentrated, so start with 1 to 3 drops, add as needed. Damp hair: apply from root to tip, style as desired. Dry hair: apply as a finisher to smooth frizz, flyaways and boost shine.

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