Theresa Williams: Nailing it with her Polish and Co.

Theresa Williamson is owner of North Carolina based beauty brand, Polish and Company. Theresa works tirelessly to create fun and out-of-the-box names for her polishes (like “Between Me and U”, “Bless Your Heart”, that you’ve received in your August COCOTIQUE Box!) and to help take the guess work out of choosing your nail color. Here, Theresa talks with us about her cosmetology career, what she prefers to use in her own salon, and of course, shares her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

You’ve been a licensed cosmetology professional for several years. How did you know it was time to strike out and build your own nail polish brand?

I thought about creating a line about 12 years ago but timing is the key. Being a licensed manicurist for 23 years, as well as an educator, I wanted to do something creative and fun, so eventually the nail polish idea resurfaced.

In addition to being owner of Polish & Co., you also run a successful salon in North Carolina. How is your beauty routine affected by your busy schedule?

It's not at all. I make time for beauty.

Why was it important for you to make nail polishes that are 3-Free, or that have non-toxic formulas?

I want safe products behind my company brand. I continue to do nails every day and I want to use safe products in my salon. I want every woman (and man) that uses our products to have a safe non-toxic product.

What differentiates your brand from other 3-Free polishes that are currently on the market?

Our color palettes, and the names of our polishes.

We are thrilled that subscribers to our August COCOTIQUE box will receive a full sized Polish & Co. nail color in either “Between Me and U” or “Bless Your Heart”. How did you come up with the names for these classic colors, and what do you want them to convey about the woman who wears them?

Actually the names are well thought out. I think about names when I'm talking among friends or servicing my clients, and every name has a meaning.

What is your absolute favorite color from the current collection?

Mint To Tell You" and "White Party" are both are my favorites. I use “Mint To Tell U” on my hands and “White Party” on my toes.

What’s next for the Polish & Co. brand?

Color, colors, and more colors!

What 3 products are in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal, and why?

Nail polish, flat iron and lipstick. My nails and feet must be polished at all times, my hair has to be on point and I don't want chapped lips. LOL

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