Althea Lucas: Uncovering PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover

Althea Lucas is owner of PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover – Concealer for your Toes. The goal of PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover is to ensure that women will no longer have to hide their toes or feel embarrassed to wear open toe shoes and sandals. They were kind enough to share full sizes of their various shades in our August COCOTIQUE Box, as well as a code for our subscribers to order samples of all 6 colors. Althea was also kind enough to share some details about how the brand was built, some of the challenges and rewards of working in such a niche market and what you should know before trying your PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover.

When did you first know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I've always known I wanted to own my own business. The desire became greater while working for several major corporations, for long hours, and with very little personal gratification. At the time, I didn't realize how the experience would benefit me later. I'm a strong believer that God places us where we need to be when we need to be there. The experience I gained while working for these companies has proven to be invaluable.

While building your brand, did you encounter people who didn't believe in your dream? How did you counter any doubt or negativity that crept in?

The greatest obstacle is that some people don't understand the need for the product. I simply explain that if it isn't a personal issue or concern you probably don't get it. For some people it's their nose, acne, weight, etc., that they may have deep personal concerns about. There are thousands of women out there who have struggled for many years with not being able to wear beautiful sandals, walk on the beach or swim because they are simply embarrassed to show their toes. There are many women who sleep in socks, or who always keep their toes covered because they are so uncomfortable showing their toes. For some, this is a very personal and emotional issue.

How long did you work on the formula for Fade-n-Cover before you knew you had nailed a product that would not only temporarily cover imperfections, but help them to fade or lighten over time as well?

My husband and business partner, Dr. Nathan Lucas, and I worked on the formula for approximately two and a half years before we were satisfied. We tested the product with several focus groups before we felt the product was what we wanted to share with the consumer. His medical experience and my background in skincare took us in the direction of creating a product that not only covered, but could possibly have the benefit of fading as well.

What were some of the additional challenges you faced while preparing to bring this niche product to the market?

We wanted the product to be made in the United States using the best possible raw materials available to us. One challenge we faced was identifying a chemist and manufacturer who understood our product. The other challenge was locating a company that was small enough to take on our product and large enough to grow with us.

What has been some of the most rewarding feedback you’ve received from your customers?

I am proud to say that all of the product reviews on our site are from real customers. One recent reviewer wrote to us, "Thank you in a very big way! This is the first time I bought a toe concealer that is perfect....Thanks for the quality and great price. I have happy feet." Another recent customer said, "I just wanted to say I have been very pleased with the results of your product. I live in Florida and sandals are a staple in our wardrobe. I have not been able to wear sandals in public until now.” I love to hear from our customers!

We can’t wait for our August subscribers to try the full sized PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover that they will receive in their COCOTIQUE Box. What do you want our subscribers to know prior to trying it out?

It's makeup for your toes! PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover is available in six shades and it is water-resistant! Use the product to cover the toes or the larger area you want to conceal. Remember to blend--blending is key. The product may appear light when first applied. Give it time to react with your body chemistry before reapplying it to achieve the coverage you desire. Then let the product dry completely. I suggest applying the product after you have put on your sandals/open toe shoes to avoid over use. Additional information regarding the application and shade selection can be found on our website.

When can we look forward to seeing the PrettyToes brand in retails stores?

We are working on bringing the product to retail stores. Currently PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover is available online only.

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