Mahisha Dellinger: Behind the Business of Being Curly

Mahisha Dellinger is owner of Curls, a successful company providing curly hair products for women, kids and babies—and samples for you in your August COCOTIQUE Box. Mahisha feels it is important “to allow budget-conscious curlies the opportunity to still have amazing hair” so she makes sure her products are affordable and accessible. In our Q&A with this busy entrepreneur, you’ll read more about the professional rewards of being in business for yourself, and get advice on transitioning.

When did you first recognize that there was an underserved hair community and that you wanted to help fill that gap?

Over 12 years ago, when I started my newly natural journey. There were 3 choices: relaxers, jheri curl juice, or mass marketed products. There weren’t any products for women embracing their natural texture.

What are some of the most challenging, and the most rewarding aspects of being in business for yourself?

The rewards far outweigh the challenges…creating my own destiny, leaving a legacy behind for my children and financial security are just a few rewards.

Curls products are very affordable, being sold in outlets like Sally’s Beauty Supply, Target, Wal-Mart and several drugstores nationwide. Why was it important to keep them at such an accessible price point?

The products you see in those chains are our retail products, and were created with one purpose in mind: to allow budget-conscious curlies the opportunity to still have amazing hair! Our professional line is more expensive, and is available in salons.

What are some of your favorite natural ingredients that you have worked with and incorporated into Curls products?

I love formulating with certified organic ingredients, and hand pressed oils. I adore certified organic coconut milk, sweet almond milk, aloe leaf juice and cashmere extract. We have a host of DELISH ingredients in our products.

Tell us about your natural hair journey. Have you always known how to care for your own curls?

I actually did start caring for my hair at a very early age…my mom had to work, so I was left to get myself together. I started caring for my hair in 2nd grade.

What advice would you give to someone who is newly transitioning?

Have patience during your transition. Don’t give up! Remember the reason why you decided to go natural. Moisture DAILY, and treat your hair like a fine silk blouse.

The August subscribers to our COCOTIQUE Box are going to be lucky enough to receive a 2 oz sample of Curls Cashmere Curl Jelly. What complementary products would you recommend from the current line?

Cashmere Curl Jelly is the perfect partner for Cashmere Curls Moisturizer.

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