Inside the Brand: Hair Body N’ Soul

After doing the big chop and experimenting with tons of products that didn’t work, Alena Smith, founder of Hair Body N’ Soul decided to research creating products on her own that she, her mom and her boyfriend could all use. The result was a new brand, completely free of harmful chemicals and pri... View Post

Inside the Brand: Paula's Choice

It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and that sentiment proved true for the creation of Paula’s Choice. After years of struggling to successfully conquer skin issues like acne and eczema, founder Paula Begoun, started researching ingredients and sharing what she learned. ... View Post

The Honey Pot Feminine Wash (Review)

By Adriene Boone This was quite a different product review than I’m used to. I generally receive natural hair products, bath and body products, and makeup to review. But the team at Honey Pot Fresh sent me over a sample of their Lavender Feminine Wash for my “honey pot”, and I was happy to explo... View Post

Team COCOTIQUE’s New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

At the start of each New Year, people around the world make resolutions about behaviors they want to change and goals they want to accomplish. We like to make sure our goals for the New Year include tweaks to our beauty routines as well, because after all, aren’t we all striving to be our most he... View Post

Inside the Brand: ACURE

Built on “sustainable principles and economical price points”, ACURE’s mission is to prove wrong the notion that natural products don’t work. Using certified organic ingredients and cutting edge technology they are creating products that are extremely effective at caring for and restoring your sk... View Post

How to Get Your Skin Out of A Hairy Situation

By Mildred (Millie) Bell Hair is a woman’s crowning glory… but unwanted hair on the face and/or body can become ingrown and cause unsightly blemishes. Ingrown hair occurs when the sharp tip of the hair curls back and grows under the skin. Left untreated, ingrown hair can become irritated, swo... View Post

Inside the Brand: Jersey Shore Cosmetics

Having grown up in an environment where natural and organic was the norm, Jacquelyn Foster Quattro, creator of Jersey Shore Cosmetics, was uniquely qualified to recognize the flaws in the way cosmetics were created, and to craft an all natural line of products of her own. Jackie and the JSC team... View Post

At Home Rejuvenation with The Naked Bar Scrub

The Naked Bar does it again. The pit cream was a hit in our home, so I was excited to give the Lemongrass Grapefruit Foaming Sugar Scrub a try. It's been wonderful on my hands, elbows and knees, but the best part was the at-home back scrub. It was great to inhale the beautiful scent while exfolia... View Post

COCOTIQUE’s ‘Best of’ Blogger Reviews

This October, we made it all about you with an Anniversary MEGA BOX, chock full of subscriber favorites from our first year! You spoke, and we listened, giving you 6 FULL SIZE SURPRISE PRODUCTS, plus one brand new deluxe sample size product. Wondering what made the returning hair and beauty items... View Post