Team COCOTIQUE’s New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

At the start of each New Year, people around the world make resolutions about behaviors they want to change and goals they want to accomplish. We like to make sure our goals for the New Year include tweaks to our beauty routines as well, because after all, aren’t we all striving to be our most healthy and gorgeous selves? Here, members of Team COCOTIQUE share a few of their beauty resolutions for 2015.


“A few of my beauty resolutions for 2015 include:

  1. Doing a few mini cleanses throughout the year. I did the Master Cleanse a couple of years ago and it was great. However, this year I want to break it up a little more and incorporate juicing.

  2. Meatless Mondays: Less meat and more veggies.

  3. Getting at least two professional facials in 2015 and committing to a monthly at home facial.

  4. More yoga for that natural glow.

  5. I also want to get an inversion table to counteract all the sitting I do throughout the day, improve blood and lymph circulation and detoxification, and for a natural 'face lift' :)”

- Carmen Cardoza, Graphic Designer


  1. "Get More Facials: I have a few gift certificates from various spas that I somehow neglect to use. My skin is okay but it isn’t great, so, for 2015 I want to get into a routine of getting more facials to help boost the efficacy of my products even more and help to improve my skin. At the very least I need to use the cards I have.

  2. Do More at Home Pedicures: I hate to admit it but my feet are a bit gross. Not salmon-snatching-upstream gross but bad enough to get a serious side eye. I need to do better.

  3. Try a New Hairstyle: My hair is boring right now, maybe I’ll get a weave before the winter is over or an edgier cut come spring.

  4. Live Healthier: I am definitely what I eat and the last few months of 2014 have certainly confirmed that. My eating habits aren’t terrible but there is room for improvement. I also need to stick with my fitness schedule, especially as I get busier. If I feel good, I look good and for me that starts with my diet and exercise.”

- Christene Carr, Social Media Strategist


“Water. Water. Water. I am resolved to drink more water in 2015. Eat more raw foods. Dedicate a minimum of 20 minutes each day to my yoga practice. No excuses. Overall, making time for my health and self-care routines is at the top of my list for the New Year. As a working mom, I always want to put my family first. But when I don't make time for myself, I'm not at my best to care for anyone else. It's not about having time, it's about making time.”

- GG Renee Hill, Contributing Writer,


“In 2015, my main goal is to get control over my extreme eczema. I get dry, dark, itchy patches of skin and it’s especially unattractive on areas like my face and neck. Starting each day with lemon water or hot water + apple cider vinegar is a great way to naturally detox, and it will be vital for me to continue with a regular regimen of essential oils like Calendula oil (for calming inflamed skin), Rosehip oil (for stimulating cell regeneration and reducing the appearance of scars), lavender oil, tea tree oil and almond oil. They’ve been my saving graces. And finally, drinking lots of water and staying hydrated daily is key for supple moisturized skin.“

- Kim Jackson, Director, Marketing & Communications

So tell us, Beauties: what are your 2015 beauty resolutions?