May 2014

Inside the Brand: Natural Style by FUBU

Healthy, strong and beautiful hair is just as vital to your style as the clothes you wear. And Natural Style by FUBU wants to help you showcase “your style, perfected naturally”. Built from founder Carl Brown’s original iconic lifestyle brand, FUBU, Natural Style by FUBU delivers products for you... View Post

Inside the Brand: Naked Bar Soap Co.

We know that you want products that you can feel good about, with ingredients you can pronounce, from a brand that comes “clean” about exactly what you’ll be putting on your skin. Enter Naked Bar Soap Co, formed by co-founders Natasha Gaylon and Jennifer Peets, with a brand philosophy that repres... View Post

Inside the Brand: Harvey Prince

Fragrance can tell a story about the woman who wears it—whether it’s a bold declaration or a string of subtleties. Let Harvey Prince take you on a journey scented with purpose, where each scent is crafted to be as unique every woman, and to vary just as customers’ lifestyles vary. Learn more abou... View Post

Inside the Brand: Badger Healthy Body Care

The Badger brand is synonymous with care; not only are they committed to making products that help you to care for your body, but for your family and the planet as well. Their commitment extends past just offering only the best Certified Organic products to their customers, but to creating fair a... View Post

A Star in the Making: DJ Olivia Dope

Designer, dancer and most notably, DJ, Olivia Dope is a star in the making. Born Tamika Haywood, the multitalented Brooklyn resident adopted the moniker Olivia Dope after the popularity of ABC Scandal’s, Olivia Pope. Like Pope, DJ Olivia Dope believes in getting things done and makes no apologies... View Post

Love, Light & Sandwiches

By Kenya Patterson A couple of months ago, this woman’s story* about making 300 sandwiches to get an engagement ring went viral, and women everywhere were outraged! Normally, I’d join in the outrage; I mean who doesn’t like a good social media rant every now and then? Not this time though. Inste... View Post

Egypt Sherrod

In honor of our Chic Busy Mom + COCOTIQUE May is for Mothers Box, and in celebration of all moms, we wanted our May COCOBelle of the Month to showcase the beauty of being self-empowered while being a great mom. Television host and multimedia personality, Egypt Sherrod, absolutely encapsulates tha... View Post

May is for Mothers. (Perfection is Not.)

By GG Renee Hill My son bites his nails. His cuticles, to be exact. His nail beds are always red and full of hangnails. I’ve tried to educate him, threaten him, and incentivize him -- it doesn’t matter. He keeps nibbling and chewing. It bothers me. I’m getting anxious just writing about it. I ... View Post

Sheree Adams: Smart & Sassy Mom

Today’s mothers are redefining the rules of parenting and creating the lifestyles that work best for their families. There is no “one size fits all” formula and mom bloggers, like Sheree Adams, are showcasing online just how they do it all. With her blog, Smart & Sassy Mom, Sheree is “managin... View Post