Inside the Brand: Natural Style by FUBU

Healthy, strong and beautiful hair is just as vital to your style as the clothes you wear. And Natural Style by FUBU wants to help you showcase “your style, perfected naturally”. Built from founder Carl Brown’s original iconic lifestyle brand, FUBU, Natural Style by FUBU delivers products for your hair that are free of sulfates and Parabens, and designed to deliver the ultimate in conditioning and styling.

Natural Style by FUBU is a fairly new brand--tell us what customers can expect from both the brand and the products.
Natural Style by FUBU delivers your most amazing style, through premium healthy-hair formulas. All our products are formulated with the very best ingredients. Our streamlined approach is easy to understand, simple to use, and undeniably effective. We leave out the bad, and put in the best of nature’s ingredients for healthy hair. Whether you are natural and want to wear your hair curly or straight, relaxed, or transitioning, getting the look you want is only achievable through healthy hair. We are all about making you the best you, ever!

What is the inspiration behind Natural Style by FUBU? How did the brand get started?
Hair is fashion, and fashion is our heritage. FUBU is a highly recognized iconic lifestyle brand, and consumers associate “For Us By Us” with fashion, style, and heritage. We believe each person wants “your style, perfected naturally”.

Do you think it's important for brands to build community? If so, how are you building and interacting with the natural hair community?
We feel strongly about building community, after all, the empowering of the community is inherent in our name and heritage! One way we are building is through participation on a grass roots level by supporting natural hair meet-ups, hair shows and other local events that are committed to strengthening the natural hair community.

Tell us about the Miracle 9 Complex found in Natural Style by FUBU Products.
All women’s products include our proprietary Miracle 9 Complex™. Custom-created, this unique blend of oils synergistically works together to elevate hair to its healthiest level possible. This exclusive blend effectively penetrates the hair shaft, seals hydration in, and adds radiant shine, bounce, and nourishment. For information on what each oil individually delivers, please visit our website at

Our May subscribers will be receiving samples of your Curl Defining Gel, Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash, Curl Elongator, Men’s 3-in-1 Wash. What's the most important thing you want customers to note about the products?
All items are sulfate and Paraben free, and contain the very best oils to condition and style hair.

Learn more about Natural Style by FUBU at their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.