Inside the Brand: Harvey Prince

Fragrance can tell a story about the woman who wears it—whether it’s a bold declaration or a string of subtleties. Let Harvey Prince take you on a journey scented with purpose, where each scent is crafted to be as unique every woman, and to vary just as customers’ lifestyles vary. Learn more about the brand, and find out which one might make you fall in love. Harvey Prince might just have you at “Hello”--starting with the deluxe sample in our May Box.

Tell us about the Harvey Prince brand--how did you get started and how long have you been in business?
Harvey Prince brand: Scents with Purpose. Crafted with Love. We craft inspired, high-quality fragrances, each with its own spirit and story.

The Harvey Prince story: two brothers founded Harvey Prince, as a gift for their mother. It began with a rebellious idea: boutique-quality scents should not be overwhelming, overpriced and filled with toxic chemicals. Then came the inspiration: their mother who loves honest products that feel and smell great. One Mother's Day, the boys crafted a scent that captured their mother's effortless and radiant aura. The result: Ageless, the first of the Harvey Prince signature fragrances to take on the industry's usual cosmetics-counter fare.

Harvey Prince takes great pride in using only the finest ingredients for each note in every scent, with no toxic chemicals still found in many commonly used perfumes. The company draws on the expertise of leading dermatologists, doctors, scientists and scent experts to create fragrances with a purpose; each with its own inspired scent and story.

Who is the ideal Harvey Prince customer? What is her lifestyle like?
The ideal Harvey Prince customer is any woman of any age who wants to look, feel and smell her most beautiful every single day! All of the Harvey Prince fragrances are lovely and each one is crafted with its own purpose and story, just as our customers' lifestyles vary with each individual.

For example, Temptress is the perfume that "flirts for you." It starts with whispers…“Who’s that girl?” The irresistible and flirty fragrance of Temptress captures the imagination of the entire room with the subtle, sexy allure of flowers and spice. “What’s her secret?” Lean in closer. The fragrance contains notes of pumpkin pie and lavender, which have been shown to evoke a more passionate response in men than any other smell.

There's our new Cherie Blossom, to reawaken the young, romantic you. Cherie Blossom is the epitome of both rebirth in Japan and the power of a classic French seductress. Sweet, soft hints of Somet Sakura mingle with pink grapefruit and vanilla. A cool musk adds a touch of sophistication. Together, these fragrant notes play a song no man can resist. The woman who dares to wear Cherie Blossom feels timeless and, in truth, we look the way we feel.

Then there are our new Singular Scentsations - Harvey Prince has created new fragrances that are the very essences of what nature has intended. From sensuous to sexual. From energetic to serene. No pulse point necessary. Each one is to be placed on any part of your body. One at a time – possibly -- more than one at a time? It's your call. And they will last. And last. And last. Why? Because pleasure should never be fleeting. Singular Scentsations include Imperial Gardenia, Pink Grapefruit, Madagascar Vanilla, English Lavender, Clean Musk and Sexy Patchouly.

These are just a few of the fragrances from the Harvey Prince collection.


What does a woman's fragrance say about her?
A woman's fragrance can say, "boldly look at me" or it can say, "notice my subtleties." Fragrance can make a woman feel sexy, beautiful, young, happy, romantic, energetic, upbeat, alluring, radiant…the list is endless. When a woman wears her favorite fragrance, it can give her the extra confidence she needs to be her very best every day.

How can women use fragrance to feel empowered?
Women can use Harvey Prince fragrances to feel empowered because each one has its own special purpose. Want to feel alluring? Try Temptress. Want to feel transported to some exotic locale? Try Journey, the enlightening scent that opens your mind and awakens your senses. Get in touch with your inner Zen with Yogini, the scent that calms the mind, soothes the soul and frees the spirit. Each fragrance from the entire collection can empower a woman in different ways - as you can see, each one serves its purpose - find yours!

Our May subscribers will receive a sample of your Hello Fragrance--what is this scent's story?
Hello - the spritz that greets you with a smile.

The world's a busy place. Let time stand still for a moment and, with one spritz, taste the sweetness of Meyer lemon in your cold glass of lemonade. Smell the pink plumerias budding and revel in the jubilant tweets of the nearby hummingbird. Before diving back into reality, say "Hello" to your body and soul.

Harvey Prince is thrilled to bring you a splash of spring with our latest, hippest, most energizing fragrance, "Hello", with a twist of citrus in homage to that fresh squeezed glass on the breakfast table. The subtle yet, invigorating notes are layered with Summer Forsythia, an early Spring floral, to bring out the blossoming glow within you. As the scent wears through the day, you'll be warmly greeted with the enchanting smell of pink plumerias, found in the fragrant floral Leis of Hawaii bestowed upon guests, friends, and loved ones.

Embrace your surroundings; reach out, smell, touch! The warm and soft rays of sunshine on your shoulders will keep you company through the day. Take a whiff and just say, "You had me at Hello."

Notes: Meyer Lemon, White Grapefruit, Satsuma Mandarin, Summer Forsythia, Pink Plumeria, Wild Verbena, Tahitian Vanilla, Sensual Musk.
Style: Welcoming. Loving. Refreshing.

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