A Star in the Making: DJ Olivia Dope

Designer, dancer and most notably, DJ, Olivia Dope is a star in the making. Born Tamika Haywood, the multitalented Brooklyn resident adopted the moniker Olivia Dope after the popularity of ABC Scandal’s, Olivia Pope. Like Pope, DJ Olivia Dope believes in getting things done and makes no apologies about what she wants and working her fingers off to get it.

You’re a DJ, designer and a dancer. How do you find time to do it all?
I love what I do and sharing my craft with others. Being artistic and creative fuels me to keep things going. I make sure I focus on one project at a time. As a woman, I am fully aware of the many hats we wear throughout our lives, but it's very important to pace yourself so you're not overwhelmed.


Your motto is ‘LivDope,’ what does that entail and what advice would you give to anyone having trouble ‘living dope’?
'LivDope' means to live life to the fullest because as we all know tomorrow isn't promised. For anyone having trouble "living dope"; I would tell them to get out of their head, and not allow fear and negative thoughts to cloud their true wants in life. We can be our own worst critics sometimes with over-thinking and fear. Once you let go of those two hindrances, happiness and success will come soon after. Your destiny is controlled only by one person: YOU!

Let’s talk music...what do you do to get ready for a set?
Oddly enough, I don't play any music at ALL to get ready for a set (lol). I'm always creating playlists and mixes on a daily basis, so when it's time to get ready to play at a venue, I focus on my look that I want to go for because I'm a very visual person. My outfit usually inspires what vibe I want to go with music-wise (80's glam, 90's hip hop, reggae, etc.).

What is your favorite genre of music?
Whatever makes me move, I love. But I can say that New Jack Swing (Teddy Riley Era) holds a very special place in my heart.

Your Olivia Dope tagline is ‘not the average DJ’. What differentiates you from the average deejay?
A lot of DJs forget that music is inspired by art, fashion and pop culture. So what differentiates me from other DJs is I don't just play music, I LIVE music. I've been a classically trained dancer since the age of 4. I was the kid who loved rummaging through my parents’ music collections and reading about who wrote the songs, composed the music, and sang background vocals in the liner notes of albums and CD booklets. I ADORE fashion and if you name a song, I can tell you the year it was released and the fashion trend at that time. Long story, short... I'm a pop culture nerd.

Now for a little beauty...I’ve seen a few pictures of you and you seem to like wearing a red lip. What is favorite red lipstick and why?
A little tidbit, I'm a fan of red lips because it’s known through history to be a color of power. From Cleopatra, to Queen Elizabeth, to Marilyn Monroe, powerful women wear red lips. My personal fav is 'Ravishing Red' Infallible Lip Color by L'Oreal. It stays on for at least 18 hours straight and doesn't stain or come off while you're eating.

At COCOTIQUE we help women to discover their Ultimate Beauty Arsenal--what three products are in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal and why?
My essentials are water, Palmer's cocoa butter, and Black Radiance Beauty Balm cream. Water is sooo important to having healthy skin. Palmer's cocoa butter helps maintain an even tone and get rid of dark spots. And a good BB cream can work as a foundation, moisturizer, primer and sunblock all in one.

What do you think is the most amazing thing about being a woman?
Being able to give life and raise future leaders of the world. As a mother of my wonderful 6 year old, Ava, I see so much of me in her but an even better version because she is also her own person and very independent. I'm proud to say I'm raising a great asset to the future.

You have a great sense of style, what are some of your favorite places to shop?
Vintage, vintage, vintage! I LOVE standing out from the crowd, so if I don't make the outfit myself, I'll opt to shop thrift and vintage.

What’s the next big thing on the horizon for Olivia Dope?
Changing DeeJay that is synonymous with clubs and parties and turning Olivia Dope into a household name. DJ'ing isn't just about playing music to get the party jumping anymore, it's an art form that helps tie pop culture the same way a painter, singer, or model would. I'm ready to change the game, for the better.

For more about DJ Olivia Dope, please visit her website.