Will Williams: Inside Nothing But

Nothing But hair care products provide “honest care for natural hair” and we are happy to have samples of their products inside our November hair themed COCOTIQUE Box. Master Cosmetologist and Nothing But Director of Education and New Product Development, Will Williams, takes us Inside the Brand: it’s beginnings, most popular products and the uses and benefits of Nothing But products for natural hair.

How long has the Nothing But brand been on store shelves?

Nothing But launched almost two years ago. By mid-2012, it was on every shelf at Sally Beauty Supply, independent beauty supply stores nationwide and select other grocery and drugstore retailers.
Why was it important for these products to be free of ingredients like petroleum, mineral oil, sulfates, colorants and phthalates and how does this contribute to healthier hair?
Naturalistas were making their voices heard about what ingredients they found problematic with their hair and scalp, and Sofn’free, the maker of Nothing But, listened. Petrolatum and mineral oil have the potential to clog follicles, and sulfates could dry the hair and scalp to an extreme. These ingredients, along with parabens, colorants and phthalates, became part of our “no list” of what to avoid when creating a special line for natural hair. We also stay away from drying alcohols, non-water-soluble silicones and animal protein.

What has been your best selling product to date?
Nothing But Wake up spray is our top-selling product in the line -- a light but rich mixture that re-moisturizes, re-energizes and reconstitutes hair and existing product. Our Pure Pudding and Curl Sealer are second most popular.

Our November subscribers will be receiving a sample packet of Nothing But products. What should a woman who is new to her natural hair, know about determining which of these will ultimately work best for her tresses? What results should she look for?
Each Nothing But deluxe sample box contains a packet of Clarifying Shampoo, designed to deep-clean the hair, scalp and follicle and leaving them ready for the Intense Healing Mask, also included in the box. A super-clean state primes the hair and scalp to receive the accelerated deposits of coconut, jojoba, and collagen, which tighten up and strengthen the protein linkages. The enclosed Curl Sealer comes next to protect the benefits of the shampoo and mask. Finish with the Pure Pudding to define curls without a stiff hold.

Which Nothing But products could customers use to create the ultimate moisturizing cocktail to protect their hair from the cold fall and winter air?
Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner Co-Wash and Curl Sealer are a great foundation duo for moisture. To refresh and re-moisturize, use our Curl Wake Up Spray. These are “moisture must-haves.”

As a recognized hair-care expert and Master Cosmetologist you have seen it all in hair, from relaxed to straight to curly--why was it important for you to work with a company, like Nothing But, that produces all natural "honest care" for hair? As their Director of Education, what do you most want consumers to know about the products?
It’s important for me, not as a stylist but as a consumer, to work with a company that shares my concern for the wellbeing, health and beauty of fellow consumers. This is also the overarching philosophy for the makers of Nothing But. Our families and we are consumers of the products. I want consumers to know that.