Lucy Dazilma: Life and Style Blogger, Lucy's Pearls

Lucy Dazilma is an Atlanta-based life & style blogger, creative, social media buff and colorful storyteller. You can find her regularly inspiring you to live a beautiful life on Lucy's Pearls. Find out which beauty products this digital maven can’t live without—her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

Hair: Organic Root Stimulator Twist & Lock Gel, Jamaican Castor Oil and any product by Beautiful Textures. All of these products help make for an amazing twist out.

Makeup: Because I have large eyes, I love to play them up with lots of mascara. I generally use 2 or 3 brands at once. Go-tos: Maybelline Lots of Lashes and Benefit They're Real!.

Skincare: Liquid black soap. Still on the lookout for the perfect toner and moisturizer. Natural products are usually my thing.

Nails: I really wish I was still into polishing my nails but I'm not. I have bottles upon bottles of lonely polishes. I keep buying them because they’re pretty but never take the time to use them. Womp. When I do, I must use Out the Door as a top coat. Dries quicker than you can say “ohh lala”!

Fragrance: If I told you, I'd have to kill you. LOL (but not really). My favorite fragrance is SOAP. Other than that, I always find Wildbloom from Banana Republic lurking in my handbag. Its scent is fresh and fruity with woodsy undertones. Not sure if that makes sense but it's perfect for an adventurous and charming woman like myself.

Beauty Indulgence:
Waxing my entire body. I do not enjoy body hair. A Brazilian is a MUST.