What Dreams Have You Been Neglecting?

I’ll go first. I want to become a yoga and dance teacher. Currently, I am not dancing or doing yoga on a consistent basis. I keep taking baby steps and then stalling. I'm scared of the process because it’s such a long journey from where I am now to where I want to go. And when I'm scared or overwhelmed, I procrastinate.

Do you ever get tired of hearing yourself say you want something and not doing anything about it? Or saying one day I’ll do this or someday I’ll do that? We can’t tackle everything at once of course, but it’s never too soon to start preparing yourself, practicing and learning. The quiet, consistent things you do with a vision in mind are the fundamental elements of life design. If you want it, you have to take action towards it.

So every night I go to bed knowing that I didn’t make any moves to realize this part of my vision, I feel disappointed in myself. I picture myself feeling fit and energetic, teaching yoga and dance as part of my livelihood, and being in a position to help women feel better from the inside out -- mind, body and soul. I know this desire is in me for a reason and I can’t keep neglecting it. When you start overcoming your fears and seeing how your life can change, it becomes harder to not address other ones that are still lingering in the background of your mind.

Many of us pray and visualize and stop there. To go from a dreamer to a doer, you have to go further and act like you’ve already received what you want and all that’s left is for you to put yourself in the place to receive it. I know we all have a lot on our plates and it’s easy to think that now is not the right time and we should put off our dreams until later. But when? We have to make the time. For me, that means being consistent with my yoga practice again and remembering why it’s so important. Ask yourself what that means for you.

What dreams have you been neglecting?

Before I quit my job to pursue writing full-time, I wasn’t used to working hard to accomplish things. I was used to putting in about a 70% effort and still doing reasonably well. I relied on charm and kindness to give me a tailwind through difficult situations. In many ways I skated through life, never going too deep or putting too much pressure on myself. All of that has changed. Becoming an entrepreneur has forced me to go deep and put forth a sincere, wholehearted effort for the first time in my life. I made a promise to myself to be brave in every situation I encounter and I intend to keep that promise.

You might be like the old me who was afraid to aim too high, secretly believing that I wasn’t strong enough to succeed. You might be afraid to entertain too much happiness or to go too hard after what you want. Remember that it’s not ultimately about the end goal at all it’s about the journey. So make room for what your heart wants and don’t pretend like you don’t hear it. Your dreams are your dreams for a reason so don’t neglect them, bring them to life.

GG Renee is an independent author, a creativity coach, a feeler and an overthinker. She writes for women who crave honest dialogue and inspiration for the joys and challenges they face every day. Blog // Twitter // Instagram