Don’t Let Embarrassment Stop You

I felt like an imposter. I was 17 with a shiny new internship working in the marketing department at a steel company. My mom made me wear these boxy pantsuits with shoulder pads that made me feel more awkward and out of place than I already felt. Soon after starting, I decided I wasn’t smart... View Post

Two Well-Meaning Habits That Hurt More Than They Help

Maybe there is a part of you that wants to find the good in people and be the one to pull it out. Maybe you are a rescuer, a healer. You see the potential in dark places and the good intentions behind bad decisions. In your eyes, people are puzzles just waiting for someone who has the patience... View Post

How Simplifying Your Life Gives You Space to Grow

My personal life is rather messy. My kids tease me for being forgetful. My friends give me arrival times that are 30 minutes earlier than necessary because they know I need help being on time. I wait until the last minute to communicate important information and this drives people crazy. It t... View Post

When Will It Be My Turn?

Let me start by saying, I am no stranger to envy. Just this morning, I found myself on Instagram--envying people. Comparing myself. Doing exactly what I know I shouldn’t do. While I’m in no position to climb up on my soapbox to teach you how to be envy free, I can show you how to transform e... View Post

8 Thoughts That Are Holding You Back and How to Rethink Them

By GG Renee We all have dreams about how we want to live and how we want to feel, but we don’t talk about them because we are embarrassed. They seem too farfetched and we don’t think we are good enough to deserve such things. I used to think that dreams were for other people. I was only inte... View Post

Healing as Activism

By GG Renee Hurt people hurt people. Sometimes we silently hate each other. Sometimes we destroy things and lash out. Sometimes we self-destruct. Long-term suffering and hopelessness can detonate and break things and burn them down. When fear is passed down, spread around and conditioned as... View Post

How to Juggle it All Without Losing Yourself

By GG Renee If I had to describe adulthood, womanhood and motherhood all in one word, that word would be overwhelming. The older I get, the faster time seems to go, and the slower I seem to process everything that happens. I want to live a full, active life and I want to take my time living it... View Post

3 Ways to Change Your Definition of Beauty

By GG Renee Have you ever felt that if you were more attractive, life would be easier? Maybe that one boyfriend wouldn’t have cheated. Maybe certain teachers would have been easier on you. Maybe your outer beauty would make up for insecurities you have about your inner beauty. These are not ... View Post

When You Think You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

By GG Renee You think you are failing. As far as you know, life is about checking boxes and keeping score. Get into this school, get these grades, marry this type of man, get this kind of job, live a picture perfect life. But your reality doesn’t add up to these ideals, so you play pretend and ... View Post