How Simplifying Your Life Gives You Space to Grow

My personal life is rather messy. My kids tease me for being forgetful. My friends give me arrival times that are 30 minutes earlier than necessary because they know I need help being on time. I wait until the last minute to communicate important information and this drives people crazy. It takes me forever to return phone calls. Making constant decisions and managing emotional roller coasters for my family all day long is rewarding but incredibly draining, and I become exhausted and check out. I daydream and lose time following my wandering mind all over the place.

Plus, I work for myself and that requires me to be focused and disciplined regardless of what is going on in my personal life. Have you ever heard the quote, " you do anything is how you do everything?" I have tried to keep my messiness out of my work, always. But every now and then it shows up and it scares me. I'm like, no! not here! not now! I'm not perfect, but always sincere and thorough and this is what keeps me working. When you're focused on your flaws all the time, it's easy to overlook how valuable you are.

I've grown tired of thinking I’m not enough and beating myself up for being the way I am. I know I need space to breathe and a slow pace for my personal and professional lives to work. For me that means cultivating a lifestyle that requires less decisions. For a long time, I deemed this impossible, but now I know nothing is impossible. With love, patience and self-honesty, we can change anything about our lives that we want.

If you are craving more time, space and energy to live life the way you want, start by eliminating clutter. Mental, emotional, physical, financial -- clutter. Think about all the things, inside and out, taking up space and not feeding you in any way. Keep in mind, eliminating clutter is not just about having and spending less, it's also about absorbing less and being careful about what you allow to influence you. Advice and ideas are helpful until they aren't. To stay on your own path, with your own pace and style, you have to manage your boundaries mindfully.

You might be convinced that your needs are impractical or unreasonable or strange, but I believe that we have the instincts we have for a reason. Keep refining and molding yourself as you see fit. It's part of our purpose to experiment and discover how to work with ourselves the way God made us.

Growth is less about changing yourself and more about being creative with who you already are. Don't cling to any ideas, habits or piles of stuff that are taking up space and not lifting you up. Give yourself -- your truest, messiest, most magical self -- space to breathe and room to grow.

GG Renee Hill is an author, speaker and advocate for self-discovery through writing. She creates books, courses and events for women who crave honest dialogue and inspiration for the joys and challenges they face every day. Blog // Twitter // Instagram.