Part 1 of 2 - Sephora Brand Review: Ultimate Warming Cleanser

By Jackie Celestin-Andre

Bonjour tous le monde - hi from Paris! So sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while - I was crazy busy with school and work commitments. But I am back and today I wanted to share my experience with Sephora product, the Ultimate Warming Cleanser. I was intrigued by the ‘warming effect idea’. How the heck does that work? For me it was a real discovery and I enjoyed it. The texture of the product is like honey as they use Maple sap as a key ingredient. As it’s honey like, I found the product a bit difficult to spread over my face especially as you have to apply it on dry skin to activate the warming effect. But once I got the hang of it (by day 3 I think), I got better at it.

The product promises to open pores and unglue impurities, excess sebum and makeup. I am sure about all that, except for the make-up removal. I tend to use a lot of eye make up - mascara, liner, eye shadow – so I was a bit reluctant to use the product on the sensitive eye area. I was a bit concerned that the product would sting my eyes. I tried it and it wasn’t bad, although it did not really remove all my eye-makeup. After applying, I kept the product on my face while brushing my teeth, to prolong the warming effect, but I wished it lasted a bit longer. It was a nice feeling on my skin. To remove the product, I used water to massage my skin and create some lather. Rinsing was easy enough, except when I got the product on my eyebrows. It’s sticky to remove so be careful not to apply there and avoid the hairline. Otherwise the product did leave the rest of my face cleansed and moisturized and for me this is very important. I would definitely recommend trying it.

Next month I will be reviewing another Sephora Brand, the Metamorphosis Exfoliating powder. Stay tuned.

Jackie Celestin-André is a Brooklyn born beauty, fashion and healthy living aficionado, with a penchant for wines and French foods (including anything chocolate and pastries), currently living in Paris, France. She is a marketing and diversity professional working for the global leader in beauty, and writing about beauty brands, events, and French beauty makers. Her goal is to bring readers a little closer to Paris without their ever leaving the USA.