Wellness 101

How do you define wellness? Wellness is the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Each of these entities have to align with each other in order to become whole. From what we eat and how we treat our bodies, to how we think will control our emotions and how they are expressed. Read how you can incorporate some of these simple practices into your lifestyle to increase your overall wellness.

Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit

A healthy mindset is everything. It reinforces your thoughts and choices.
  • Meditation:
    We can’t stress enough the importance of meditation. Upon rising, say your affirmations and set your intentions for your day. Download the Beautitation App today to help you zen-out and relax.
  • Journaling:
    Get personal with yourself. Write your feeling down. This is a private space where you can express your gratitude and honesty.
  • Goal Setting:
    What motivates you? Create some personal goal for yourself that will
You are what you eat. Not only is your diet important, but it’s also important to incorporate some form of physical activity into your lifestyle.
  • Eat:
    resh Foods: Fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables are always great to include in your diet. These foods are said to help increase your immune system.
  • Educate:
    yourself about the ingredients that are in the foods you eat. Start to make better decisions for yourself. Do as much research and speak to your doctors or healthcare providers and find out what your blood type is to understand your bodies more.
  • Choose:
    your workout. Find a YouTube yoga or a workout class or take a walk and enjoy the sun and the air, as it hits your body.
Create moments to make you happy. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let go of the things that you can’t control.
  • Be Present:
    in the moment. Use the time to only concentrate on you and be thankful for the moment. Don't think about the past or the future. Be in your moment.
  • Listen:
    to your favorite music. You don’t just have to be in the shower to sing and dance. Find a podcast and learn something new.
  • Be Kind:
    to everyone that you come in contact with. Kind words or a smile can go a long way.
Taking care of our bodies helps us to maintain a healthy clear mind and spirit that will help us to respond to positive factors maximizing the potential for better wellness.