April 2020

The Crown Act Breaks Barriers

If you have received the April Box/Bag, then you've also received the 3 full-size hair products from Dove. Amplified Textures, is a new collection of ultra-moisturizing products for textured hair. That's right, Dove has not only created a line of products for multi-cultural hair, but they have al... View Post

Wellness 101

How do you define wellness? Wellness is the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Each of these entities have to align with each other in order to become whole. From what we eat and how we treat our bodies, to how we think will control our emotions and how they are expressed. Read how you can... View Post

Tradition Embraces Texture

This is what happens when a mega brand like Dove creates a haircare brand dedicated to textured hair. Dove Amplified Textures is made with a super moisture blend of honey, jojoba, aloe vera and coconut oil. This ultra-moisturizing collection is not only perfect for every curly, coily, or wavy hai... View Post

Nicka K’s Lip Gel is Poppin’

The high shine is back! In case you missed it, shiny lips are in and you can get this latest trend in the April Box. We are excited to offer you an amazing Lip Gel from Nicka K New York that you will love so much that one won’t be enough. Read all about this light weight moisturizing lip gel and ... View Post

Change the World and Get Healthy Hair With Soapbox

Many traditional hair products are known for stripping the natural oils out of hair. We have found a brand that does just the opposite. Soapbox not only has an amazing line of vegan, paraben free, cruelty free, EDTA free, and silicone free hair care and body care soap products, but they also empo... View Post

Balance Your Inner Beauty and Your Outer Canvas

If you’re looking for a natural-based product that can relieve scalp irritations and maintain a healthy scalp balance, you will love the ScalpBliss Itch-Calming Organic-Based Serum™ from Canviiy. Take scalp care to the next level with this organic Serum. Find out more about this up and coming bra... View Post