Wakati, A New Patented Hair Care Line for Natural Hair

Are you looking to spend less time working your natural hair? If the answer is yes, then you will love Wakati, because it is all about “saving time” with this brand. In fact, the name Wakati in Swahili means “time” and that’s what you will save a lot of on your wash day when using their new patented line of natural hair care products. Wakati’s journey was inspired by the lack of hair care products that were specifically designed for natural black hair and to make your wash day as efficient as possible. We are happy to introduce you to this brand and their Oil-Infused Cream or their Water-Activated Conditioner so, you can try for yourself in the October Box. Find out more about this brand and the passion behind their effective hair care formulas. 

How did Wakati get its start?

The Wakati Hair journey started in 2013, when an inspired and passionate group within the Kao USA Research & Development team asked a single question: Why are there not more effective hair care formulas specifically designed for natural black hair? To answer their own question, they pulled together a dedicated team of hair & skin experts, scientists, and African-American researchers and got to work. ​ 

After a long, five-year journey, (with lots of nights and weekends) the team revealed a new patented natural hair formula. With great pride, Kao USA created a complete care system featuring our water-activated technology designed to give women the power to finger-comb detangle, soften coarse hair, and helps reduce shedding.

The Wakati brand provides women the power to spend less time styling their hair and more time enjoying their kinks, curls, and coils. Wakati emphasizes creating experiences for women across generations to embrace and celebrate the hair care tradition through branded partnerships. Additionally, by tapping into HBCU talent for brand development and building career opportunities, Wakati believes in empowering the community it serves to create shared experiences.

What does the name Wakati mean? 

Wakati means time in Swahili. Wakati represents celebrating and appreciating where your hair has been and where you want it to go. 

 Oil-Infused Cream

What are the key ingredients in the Oil-Infused Cream?

The Wakati Oil-Infused Cream contains blended combination of oils and conditioning agents that provide good slip and makes applying the product throughout your curls quick and simple.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

The Wakati Oil-Infused Cream seals in the right touch of moisture for slip and added shine. Infused with nourishing oils, this leave-in cream locks in moisture to hydrate curls and helps control frizz.

How do you use the Oil-Infused Cream? 

The Oil-Infused Cream is perfect for doing the L.O.C. method. You can use it after washing your hair or throughout the week to retain moisture. 

What can women expect after using your Oil-Infused Cream?

This curly hair cream delivers lasting moisture to reveal your natural curl pattern. Smooth rough cuticles and seal in hydration with this hair cream for curly hair. This leave in cream for curly hair works to add shine, moisture and manageability for healthy natural hair.

Is the Oil-Infused Cream for all hair types? 

Yes, this cream is for all natural hair types. 

Can you combine other products with the Oil-Infused Cream? 

Yes, the cream works great with any oil and gel and won’t leave white residue.

Will the Oil-Infused Cream leave a white residue on hair or leave hair feeling heavy? 

The Wakati Oil-Infused Cream is designed to absorb quickly into your hair to minimize any white residue.

Wakati Water-Activated Advanced Conditioner


What is the best way to use the Wakati Water-Activated Conditioner? 

The Wakati Water-Activated Advanced Conditioner is designed to meet the key needs of detangling and moisturization for natural hair women with curls, coils, and kinks.

Wakati Water-Activated Advanced Conditioner Application Hacks:

To realize the full slip of the conditioner during application, ensure your hair is soaking wet when applying. Do not hesitate to mix a small amount of water with the conditioner as you work it through your hair. If you do this, you will realize the full impact of its water-activation and slip.

To help your hair get used to the conditioner, don’t hesitate to use a lot your first time applying. It’s ok to be heavy handed, and then back down on the amount that you apply in future uses. After using it consistently 3 to 4 times, you will realize the product’s full effect. 

What are the key ingredients in the Water Activated Conditioner?

Wakati Water-Activated Advanced Conditioner contains a blend of patented ingredients specially formulated for natural hair, Wakati's hair care for Black women makes detangling your natural kinks and coils easier. Infused with Shea and Jojoba Oil, this detangling conditioner softens, moisturizes, and nourishes your hair. 

What do these key ingredients do for the hair?

This sulfate-free conditioner helps shape your natural curl pattern for definition, smooths rough cuticles and seals in moisture. This curly hair conditioner contains a patented finger-combable formula that works to loosen tight knots and minimize damage for glowing, healthy natural textured hair.

What does water-activated mean and how is this formulation beneficial to your hair?

The conditioner was developed to address three key consumer concerns: 

  • High tendency to tangle 
  • Difficulty gaining curl alignment (which helps with achieving curl definition)
  • Difficulty maintaining curl alignment. 

This formula when immersed in water, spreads evenly through the hair to deliver moisture and "slip" to each hair strand, prevents tangling from the start, and results in consistent curl bundles once hair dries. It is the first and only patented conditioner of its kind.

What can women expect after using the Water-Activated Conditioner? 

Women can expect to this detangling conditioner to soften, moisturize, and nourish their hair. They should expect to achieve easy finger detangling, and for their hair to be more manageable in preparation for styling. 

Is your Water-Activated Conditioner for all hair types? 

Yes, the conditioner is for all natural hair types. 

What other products from Wakati can you suggest to compliment the Oil-Infused Cream and the Water-Activated Conditioner? 

The Wakati Sulfate-Free Shampoo and the Re-Activating Conditioning Mist are both great for a wash day filled with full hydration. 

What’s next for Wakati? 

Wakati is focused on creating memorable experiences for the natural hair community. Starting this month, Wakati will be going on its first HBCU tour – the beginning of a continued partnership with HBCUs. 

Women with get an Oil-Infused Cream or a Water activated Conditioner in the October Box. What is the one thing you want them to know? 

Wakati wants to help you celebrate and love your hair, and we promise to make wash day easy and give you more time to enjoy your beautiful curls, kinks, and coils. 

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