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Taking clean beauty to the next level is what co-founders, Elise and Dominika of BYBI Beauty are doing with their commitment to creating real change in the beauty industry. Not only did this determined  duo do the research and development needed to create a range of high performance, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products, they actually trained as skincare formulators, earned their degrees in Natural Skincare Formulation, wrote a book, and created a blog and podcast all dedicated to creating a skin-positive, climate-conscious practices, from production to packaging. We are happy to introduce you to Super Greens Clay Face Mask that’s made with intentional ingredients for you and the environment in the October Box. Find out how you can detoxify your skin from impurities without drying it out and more about BYBI and their mission to producing sustainable skincare products for all.

How did BYBI get its start?

Obsessed with clean beauty and ingredients, Elsie + Dominika started taking a closer look at their skincare labels. Instead of finding a high percentage of natural actives, they discovered a lot of water and ‘filler’ ingredients. Inspired by the lack of high-performance ingredients that weren’t in their favourite products and wanting to take control of what they were putting onto their skin, they created Clean Beauty Insiders (formerly known as Clean Beauty Co) in 2015, a DIY beauty blog.  

Clean Beauty Insiders quickly became the UK’s largest natural beauty platform, with a growing Instagram profile to match. Elsie and Dominika created and shared DIY beauty recipes, ran workshops and hosted events whilst still working full time. To further their education in natural beauty and validate their recipes, they trained as skincare formulators, achieving a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation from Formula Botanica. In early 2017, Elsie and Dominika wrote Clean Beauty, a book published by Penguin containing over 100 natural beauty recipes. CBI is now a podcast and blog dedicated to business, beauty and sustainability.  

Whilst whipping up a face cream in your kitchen is great for your skin, it’s not entirely convenient for a millennial beauty consumer. Elsie and Dominika were looking for natural and vegan skincare that delivered great skin, but that was branded, marketed and sold in places that spoke to them as mainstream consumers. They also wanted to support a climate conscious brand underpinned by leading sustainable ethics, a brand that looked as good as it made you and your skin feel, which is how BYBI was born.  

What was the first product that you produced?

Babe Balm, our 100% vegan multipurpose beauty balm. 

How was that product received?

Really well! At the time we sent Babe Balm in glass jars to every journalist we could and we received amazing coverage just from its name alone. 

What inspired you to create the Super Greens Clay Face Mask?

We wanted to create a powerful clarifying face mask that uses a unique blend of detoxifying and nourishing actives to calm and clear congested skin, without drying the skin out. Which is why we added broccoli and tomato seed oils to ensure skin was left feeling hydrated and soft after use. 

BYBI Super Greens Clay Face Mask


What are the key ingredients in the Super Greens Clay Face Mask?

Kaolin Clay and Spirulina.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

The Kaolin Clay helps to deeply cleanse and purify the skin while the Spirulina is a strong antioxidant which helps to clear congestion and draw out impurities.

Is the Super Greens Clay Face Mask for all skin types? 


How often should the Super Greens Face Mask be used?

1-2 times a week as a part of your night time routine.

What’s the difference between a clay mask and other facial masks?

Clay masks are a lot of the time preferred to other facial masks as they have the potential to absorb oil from your skin which in turn helps prevent mild forms of acne. The Kaolin Clay in the BYBI Super Greens Face Mask is a powerful detoxifying ingredient that purifies the skin without drying it out and disrupting the skin’s moisture levels.

What other products from your brand can you suggest to use after the mask?

I would definitely recommend to follow the BYBI Super Greens Mask with a spritz of out best-selling, super hydrating BYBI Mega Mist spray and then seal in that hydration with our restorative BYBI Night Nutrition moisturizer and our super relaxing BYBI CBD Booster face oil.

Bakuchiol Skin Restore


What’s your hero product?

The new BYBI Bakuchiol Skin Restore – It just does the job. It’s the perfect moisturizer if you want even, plump and smooth wrinkle free skin. I love it!

What advice would you give to other women who want turn their passion into to a successful business?

Don’t wait for perfection – just go for it!

What’s next for BYBI? 

Our mission is become the world’s first carbon negative beauty brand by 2025. The first major milestone in this journey is coming up…stay tuned for January 2022. 

Women who get the October box will get a Super Greens Clay Face Mask. What is the one thing you want them to know? 

Super Greens also makes for a GREAT Halloween costume ;) Follow us @bybibeauty for more skin positive, pro-planet content. 


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