Poo-Pourri Wants You To Spray Before You Go!

As awkward as it is, we have to talk about it. Talk about what you ask. We want to help you make your next trip to the bathroom a pleasant one. Yes, that’s right! When it’s time to go, and you don’t want anyone to know, all you have to do is you spritz the bowl before you go to the stop any bathroom odor before it starts. Thank to Poo-Pourri and their Toilet Spray in Citrus in the July Box. Just throw this convenient spray in your bag and use whenever needed and no one will ever know. Get to know the brand and how Founder, Suzy Baitz created the most descret and even proven all-natural toilet spray that prevents those embarrassing moments from being known by others.

How did the company get its start?

Our Founder, Suzy Batiz boot strapped the company over 10 years ago. She mixed our secret formula in her kitchen for over a year before finding the right one!

What was the first reaction from your family and friends when you first told them about Poo-Pourri?

They were my testers! Any time anyone went to the bathroom I would ask them to use Poo-Pourri and follow them into the bathroom after to smell each formula.

Did you meet any resistance when you first introduced your new product to the market?

No, we Poo-Pourri was started in boutiques and small businesses. Suzy sold each bottle door to door and out of her car! Once people started hearing how well it was selling- people were coming to me asking if they could buy!

What are the key ingredients in Poo-Pourri?

All of our products are made with Essential Oils.

How do you use it exactly?

Spray the bowl before you go, no one else will ever know!

Why did you choose essential oils to work with?

Suzy was an essential oil junkie, and a self-proclaimed hippie chemist. She used what she knew- and she knew that oil traps.

How many fragrances does Poo-Pourri come in?

Over 25 scents. We are always changing and adding new scents.

What are your top 3 scents?

Original Citrus, Lavender Vanilla, and Tropical Hibiscus.

How long does the scent last after spraying?

The scent can last up to 30 minutes depending on how much was used.

Can the Poo-Pourri be used as a room freshener as well?

Poo-Pourri is designed to be used for your toilet.

What’s next for Poo-Pourri?

Poo-Pourri will be launching some exciting new products in the next year, keep your eyes peeled! Each of our subscribers who get the July 2020 Box will receive a travel size Poo-Pourri in their box.

What is the one thing you want them to know? Spray the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know! Drop any bathroom worries with Poo-Pourri USE OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE COCO20 FOR 20% OFF SITEWIDE AT POOPOURRI.COM - EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 To keep up with Poo-Pourri, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.