Replenish Your Skin With Rosatyque

Less is always more. This is what you will get with the Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask from MidFlower in the July 2020 Box. 100% pure Rosa Damascena flower water from Bulgaria is chemical free and has no artificial preservatives. This unique mask will minimize your pores and brighten your skin. Read all about the advanced technology used to create this sheet mask and how it attaches to the skin to remove dead skin cells.
How did the Brand get its start?
A sheet mask is one of the most effective ways to improve skin conditions and has been widely used all over the world. We found that, water accounts for the largest proportion in a mask’s essence, and it’s the one of the most effective key components in many sheet masks. Is there any other kind of water that can replace ordinary water to greatly enhance its effectiveness? After thousands of tests and endless research, Rosatyque discovered floral water to replace regular water in sheet mask’s ingredient list.
What is Rosa Damascena water and is there a difference from regular rose water?
Our Rosa Damascena flower water is imported from the famous Bulgarian Rose Valley. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena has over 300 components thanks to the special climate and soil it is grown in. The floral water in the mask is produced via the traditional steam-distillation to keep the original smell and purity.
Is this the main ingredient in the mask?
Yes, Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask made with one ingredient only: 100% Rosa Damascena flower water.
What is biocellulose?
The new technology of biocellulose mask sheet is made with coconut fiber. The mask sheet binds tightly to dead skin cells while nanofibers drive rose water essence deep into the skin.
How does your main ingredient mix with these natural fibers?
Each mask infused with 10 ml pure Rosa Damascena flower water.
What inspired this technology?
As we grow older, skin problem like rough, dark, dry etc. gradually emerge related to slow metabolism and congestion of old cuticle. Normal facial mask applied 15 MINUTES or even 45 MINUTES is unable to remove that.
How does your mask differ from other peel masks?
No chemical additives nor preservatives is added. Made with only 1 natural ingredient. Biocellulose Peel Mask is able to attach skin, with 3D structure absorb oil to help fall old cuticle off the skin, open up skin channel to inject Bulgaria rose water to the skin base.
How do you use the mask?
Allow the mask to dry completely, then gently peel it off.
What can women expect after using this?
After it removes old cuticles, skin looks brighter, firmed and feels smoothed.
How often should this mask be used?
2-3 times a week.
What next steps do you recommend after using the mask?
Proceed with regular skin care routine.
Is this for all skin types?
What’s next for Rosatyque?
Coming up with more safe and effective skin care products.
Subscribers will receive a Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask in their July Boxes. What is the one thing that you want them to know about the mask?
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