Inside the Brand: Carol's Daughter

Carol's Daughter has been making high-quality, luxurious, natural products for hair and body for over 20 years, and their name, packaging and delectable scents are instantly recognizable by consumers as premium; their brand, renowned as a leader in the multicultural/poly-ethnic market.

Founder Lisa Price first began by making products in her kitchen, and that love and positive energy continues to flow into products that are well-known for being “good for you”. We asked Lisa about her inspiration for blending food and beauty—as with the Macadamia Finishing Shine Mist that is included in our January box; and how Carol's Daughter products can be used to make a woman feel "Beautifully Delicious".

What first inspired you to explore blending food in your hair and body products?
When I began to make products over 20 years ago, I worked in my kitchen. It was a hobby, the craft I did to relax when I was not at work. So, I used ingredients that I could get at health food stores, supermarkets and local fairs. Because of how my mother and grandmother taught me how to cook food in the kitchen, I have always believed there is energy in our food that comes from the preparer, and if that energy is positive that food nourishes our spirits along with our bodies. Carol's Daughter was made to be food for your skin with scents, aromas and ingredients that would also nourish your soul and calm your spirit.

Why do you think Carol's Daughter products--like the Almond Cookie, as well as the Macadamia, like the Finishing Shine Mist included in our January box--resonate so strongly with customers?

The name and ingredient is something they recognize. It tends to evoke a good feeling. An Almond Cookie is warm and sweet. People know that Almonds are good for them to eat, so it must be good for us to rub on our bodies. Macadamia Nuts are rare and exotic. They are tasty, rich and indulgent. Their lure and reputation pull you in to try the product.

What has been your most-beloved, food-inspired product to date?
I don't sell it because it is extremely difficult to make in bulk. Then I used to make it only for Valentine's Day, and I would start in the New Year so that I had enough inventory, because I had to make small batches. It is like bathing your skin in a giant bath of hot cocoa, sprinkled with generous amounts of Cocoa and Shea Butters. Heaven!!

It seems like consumers are really becoming savvy about DIY beauty, using items they can find in their kitchens, like Safflower Oil and Coconut—both of which can also be found in Carol's Daughter ingredients. Why are all-natural components so good for the hair and skin?
It is not that natural ingredients are good and synthetic ones are bad. They each serve a purpose. For example, you may have to use a synthetic to preserve an item to prevent bacteria from growing in it, that doesn't make it bad. And adding more and more oils and butters to a product will not make it better if the balance between water and oil is thrown off to the point of instability.

With the evolution of social media and tons of DIY videos, those who are crafty and/or comfortable in the kitchen will experiment and feel empowered to have made their own. That is truly a rewarding experience. I thank myself every day for the things I have created. I don't know what I would do without them in my life today.

Besides the product in our box, what other Carol's Daughter products should a woman use this winter when she wants her hair and skin to feel and smell "Beautifully Delicious"?
We have so many wonderful moisturizers from which to choose, and in this cold weather you can't moisturize enough. One of my favorites in our line is our Body Jelly. I love it because it can do anything. It is perfect for travel. It moisturizes, softens, and combats ash; smoothes cuticles, rough elbows, heels and feet, and it can remove makeup. Plus it is 100% natural.