Inside the Brand: BeFine Skin Care

BeFine Skin Care products use the most nutritious superfoods and ingredients to create products that are nourishing and indulgent for your body’s largest organ: your skin. There are no allergens, fragrances, parabens or preservatives in BeFine products—instead, only things that will reflect healthy living and leave your skin glowing. In short, the products promote your skin’s most natural beauty. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using BeFine Skin Care products, and then head to your COCOTIQUE Box to get started using the wonderful collection of skin care facial packets included in your “Beautifully Delicious” January Box!

Can you describe the BeFine brand philosophy?

Behind every BeFine wholesome product is a revolutionary philosophy on skin care. It reflects the idea that beauty is about how you feel and how you live--and it all starts with what you put on your body AND in your body. Because 70% of what’s put on the skin is absorbed into the body, BeFine believes 100% should provide pure benefits to the skin. If, as the familiar saying goes, you are what you eat, what does your skin say about you? Does it reflect a balanced diet full of stuff that is good for you? Or does it reflect the late night cravings and indulgences of your favorite comfort food?

Why are superfoods like almonds, pomegranates and avocados better for skin care than other ingredients that are also deemed healthy?
These specific nuts and fruits have specific ingredients that our skin requires: Sweet Almond Oil helps skin maintain optimal moisture balance; Pomegranate Extract gives a boost of age fighting antioxidants; Avocado Oils lift and tighten your skin with natural UV protection.

What are the most harmful things that we need to protect our skin from--from the inside out, and how can BeFine products help?
The skin is a wondrous and very important organ for the body. It’s actually the largest organ in the human body, made up of many different cells that each has specific functions. The skin depends on an adequate diet for healthy maintenance and to combat factors that can negatively affect it, such as sun damage, smoking, poor eating habits, and stress. The skin performs many critical functions for our body: it protects us from harmful UV rays and environmental damages; it helps to regulate our body temperature; it protects us against bacteria and toxins. BeFine Skin Care products play an important role in the health of our skin. Skin has three basic requirements for being healthy: to be clean, to be hydrated and to be protected. BeFine Skin Care products help our skin maintain its balance while helping it to defend itself from the environment.

There is a lot of educational information for consumers on your website about healthy foods, compared to other brands that may only talk about their particular products--why is it important to BeFine to educate as well as to market its products?

We at BeFine believe that there is a bigger desire for awareness by consumers, and a desire to know what ingredients are in the products they use. By educating our consumers about the skin, and educating our consumers about specific ingredients in our product, we can introduce even more users to a beneficial skin care regimen.

We love the idea of the 'satisfying meal for your skin' that you've introduced on your website, in a progression from cleansers and toners to moisturizers to special treatments. How often would you recommend users feed their skin with this routine?
It depends on the user; however, since we all need to nourish ourselves with food daily, our skin needs the nourishment and protection as well.

Start with the "Refreshing Starter Course": Gentle Cleanser, Exfoliating Cleanser, Pore Refining Scrub, and Firming Toner

Continue with the "Nourishing Main Course": Daily Moisturizing with SPF 15, Night Cream, Neck Cream, and Rough Spot Lemon Balm

Follow periodically with the "Indulgent Course": Eye Brightening Cream, Eye Blossom Serum, Warming Clay Mask, Cooling Peel Mask, Cooling Mint Mask, Hydrating Cucumber Mask, Lip Exfoliator, and Lip Serum

If you do 2 daily from the Starter Course + 2 daily from the Main Course + 3 periodically from the Indulgent Course, that will = "Fabulous Skin"!!