As we continue to adopt new lifestyle changes for optimal health benefits, we cannot forget about oral hygiene. We have included an alkalizing toothpaste and mouthwash in one in our September Box from Alka-White®. Dr. Lewis Gross, a firm believer in holistic dental care developed their namesake signature product to address the complications that came with eating acidic foods that were damaging his patients’ teeth. Read all about how this amazing product can improve your pH levels with natural alkalizers and how you can treat your teeth and gums without harsh chemicals.

How did the brand get its start?

Over the last decade, I noticed a change in the complaints of my clients - especially those from Gen Z and younger. Growing up with fluoride they do not exhibit the classic symptoms of dental decay, but rather displayed symptoms like increased sensitivity, thin and often opaque teeth, frequent gum bleeding, and chronic bad breath. I discovered that most all of these issues stemmed from increased acidity in the mouth. Over the years I developed an in-office regimen of alkaline products, nutrition and lifestyle changes that effectively became Alka-White®.

What inspired the brand’s holistic approach?

Holistic dental care and medical treatment at large has been the focus of my NYC practice since the beginning - and that was almost 40 years ago. While many have since joined the ranks of “holistic healthcare practitioners” since my start, it has been a personal ethos of mine in practice and personal life well before it became popular.

How does Alka-White work?

The science is really quite simple. Our ingredients first work to raise the pH via powerful yet safe and natural alkalizers. Second, we maintain the alkaline environment as long as possible. By using the included pH test strips one can begin to connect their oral acidity to daily habits, acidic foods, and the dehydrating side effects from medications. In an alkaline environment, teeth naturally remineralize becoming stronger and less opaque while the “healthy microbiome” is supported to fight bad breath and gum disease.

Research by P.D. Marsh, the Ecological Plaque Hypothesis proves that raising oral pH balances the oral microbiome and favors the non-caries causing bacteria.

What are the key ingredients in Alka-White?

Our simple natural ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, tea tree, peppermint and coconut oils and xylitol. There is also a second formula that has the basic ingredients plus turmeric and ginger.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

Baking soda is alkaline and is proven to fight the plague. Xylitol is an excellent anti-cavity product and our essential oils offer multiple functions from oil pulling and antimicrobial to simply creating a calming soothing experience. Our turmeric version provides additional anti-inflammatory support particularly useful for users with sensitive and bleeding gums.

Is this product for everyone?

Everyone can benefit from Alka-White®. It is a great portable breath freshener. We suggest parental supervision in young children. Turmeric, while effective, can stain some surfaces so it’s always best to be careful - and that goes for around your clothes as well! This product is also a great teeth whitener.

What flavors does Alka-White come in?

Currently we offer Alka-White® in two versions. Our “Mint” version is our most user friendly and is an especially good fit for travel. The “Turmeric” version has all the same ingredients as the Mint and the flavor really is only slightly different. However, if you have any gum issues or chronic bad breath this is the product for you!

What are the benefits of turmeric for oral care?

Turmeric is a hot ingredient right now, in diets, skin and oral care. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is additionally an excellent antimicrobial and has been shown to assist in natural tooth whitening - something we are really proud of as most whitening products require harmful chemicals or bleaching agents.

How often should you use this product?

Alka-White® is safe and intended for everyday use. It’s most effective when used in the evening as a “finishing mouthwash”. Brush your teeth like normal but before bed, rinse thoroughly to create an alkaline environment while you sleep.
That said, additional rinsing and brushing with our product during the day won’t hurt! Our brand is all about pH. Use the included strips whenever you start to feel you might have an acidic mouth. If you take note you will start to see a routine and can then structure your use of Alka-White® to best buffer your periods of high oral acidity.

What are the top three oral health care concerns?

Alternatives to fluoride, chlorine and alcohol without the abrasive chemicals. Natural prevention of tooth decay through an alkaline diet.
Natural teeth whitening.

What’s next for Alka-White?

As a new company our core focus is still on our hero products. That said, we’re always looking for ways to continue innovating in the dental marketplace. We are currently exploring some new delivery models including a smaller tablet and package for the travel user as well as more classic toothpaste for users that just can’t change their habits.

Each of our monthly subscribers will receive a full size of the Alka-White in their September Box. What is the one takeaway that you’d like to leave them with?

Engage with your oral pH. Use the pH strips and start to connect with how the acidity of you mouth changes. It’s amazing how interconnected our bodies are and the effects of Alka-White can support your natural beauty and alkaline diet and wellness regimens in addition to your daily oral care needs.

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