How To Protect Hair From Breakage and Frizz With Tee-Owels

Since the pandemic, many of us have become used to doing our own hair at home. If that is the case for you, we want to make sure that you have all of the tips and products that you need to successfully manage and protect your hair during this time.

We are happy to introduce you to Tee-Owels, a sustainable green company that offers you a softer, lighter and healthier way to dry your hair. You will love the high quality of the organic cotton tee-shirt and how it will help dry your hair and protect it from breakage and frizz.

Find out more about how Owner and Creator, Liz Girolamo developed the Tee-Owel and her collection of satin hair care protection products and the benefits they have for your hair.

How did the brand get its start?

Once I learned that women were putting t-shirts on their head to dry their hair, (myself included at that point), I decided there needed to be a better option for us. I saw a spot in the industry that was falling short, and I was passionate about contributing to that. That was my opportunity and I jumped on it.

Another reason I felt passionately about starting this company was because it was something I wish I had known about way sooner. Growing up, there were really no fun products out there for my hair type. There were no fun hair-dyes or fruity smelling anything that didn’t completely damage my type 4C hair, and there were certainly no protective innovations.

It became apparent that I needed to help change my experience and ensure there would be something for future generations of girls and women to come. The gears just kept turning and I was loving what it was becoming!

What inspired the name Tee-Owels?

Tee-Owels is a playful portmanteau (combo) of the words T-shirt and Towel.

What type of fabric are Tee-Owels made from?

Made of organic cotton t-shirt material, the smooth texture dries hair free from friction, frizz and breakage unlike harsh and heavy bath towels.

How important is it to use a Tee-Owels?

It’s an essential step in a protective curly/textured hair care routine. Tee-Owels not only make for a healthy hair drying experience, but also a stylish one.

The softer material is absorbent enough to absorb just the right amount of water and gentle enough to preserve your hair in the process. No more breakage, frizz, or friction.

And no heavier ugly bath-towels weighing down your curls. With Tee-Owels, no more resorting to miss-sized t-shirts, that can be kept on the body where they belong.

Does it save you on hair drying time?

Tee-Owel drying your hair does save on hair drying time. Our fabric is now super-fast absorbing. Your hair will be damp to dry in just a few minutes time.

How often should they be washed?

You can wash your Tee-Owel as often as you wash your t-shirts. Depending on usage we recommend washing them at least once every 3 times used.








How many colors do you offer?

There are 5 colors: mint, lilac, black, pink and grey, and a pineapple print available.






How beneficial is satin for hair protection?

Satin is great for protecting hair at night. The super silky-smooth material reduces friction, frizz and breakage for healthier happier hair. Tee-Satin pillowcases are better than satin wraps that fall off at night, Additional benefits include smooth texture protecting your skin from facial sleep lines and wrinkles.


It’s nice to see scrunchies make a comeback. What inspired you to bring them back?

Similarly, our satin scrunchies are great for slipping out of hair and reducing tangles/pulls and hair breakage while styling.

Are your hair products beneficial for weaves, wigs, and braids?

Tee-Owels and Tee-Satin products are also best for weaves, wigs and, braids. They are perfect for reducing frizz and to help keep the hair protected for a long time.

How many colors does the pillow case come in?

Satin Pillowcases come in 5 colors: lilac, mint, black, pink and white.

What other suggestions can you give us about protecting hair?

Other suggestions for protecting hair include: Being mindful that reducing friction and doing LESS styling is always MORE in the world of curly and textured hair care. Having this thought process as a foundation will help you achieve longer and healthier hair regardless of your hair type!

What’s next for Tee-Owels?

We have exciting new protective products coming in 2021, as well as a fun illustrative story for our Owl logo. Follow along our journey on Instagram @teeowels

What is the one thing that you want our COCOBelles to know about Tee-Owels?

We want COCOBelles to know that Tee-Owels prides itself on being the finest in healthy, protective hair care solutions for the modern-day woman. Offering a high-quality hair towel, the ideal t-shirt towel, is valued and the material is one of the best features of our Tee-Owel.

Not only is it made from quality fabric that is durable, there is a slight stretch which sets tee-owels apart from our competitors adding to the comfort and wear ability aspect. Tee-Owels are the only hair towel that you can style in all these fun and crazy ways, and still protect your hair to the max.

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