Find Out How Passion and Love Can Create One Smile at a Time

Let Love rule. That’s exactly what happened when Lenny Kravitz and his Dentist, Dr. Jonathan Levine, his wife Stacy, and their sons, Cody and Julian visited Lenny in his hometown in the Bahamas. It wasn’t until after Lenny shared his dismay of how many locals were lacking beautiful smiles due to their limited access of affordable healthcare and dental services that they organically started a mission that not only offers dental treatments, but also education and empowerment to encourage the people in Eleuthera, Bahamas to take care of the oral health. Cody, Lenny and Julian were so inspired by their mission, that they didn’t just stop there. They decided to create Smile Twice, an oral hygiene company and developed a vitamin-enriched toothpaste that you will find in the January 2021 Box. Read more about their passion behind this social mission and how their first toothpaste is helping restore people’s confidence one smile at a time.

How did the brand get its start?

It’s not your typical story! Have you ever felt the power of your smile? Well, it was a volunteer dental mission that inspired the beginning of Twice. We can tell you, but we’d rather show you!

Check it out HERE

What inspired the brand’s name?

The desire to reinvent the ritual of taking care of your smile (at least) twice-a-day.

What’s the difference between your toothpaste and other brands?

We include all of the multi-functional benefits in one clean formula! That means our powerful active ingredients check the boxes for cavity prevention, anti-sensitivity, gum health and teeth whitening, but we go one step further! Our formulas optimize oral health and overall wellbeing. Three antioxidant vitamins (A, C, and E) help us balance the oral ecosystem by controlling bacteria, fighting free radicals, maintaining saliva flow and keeping your gums strong and hydrated.

What are the key ingredients in your toothpaste?

Standard levels of sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate, as well as aloe vera, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Watch world-renown dental expert and Twice's dental advisor, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine talk a little about it HERE.

What are the benefits of these ingredients?

They provide all of the necessary benefits for truly complete care. They keep your gums healthy and firm, your teeth bright and strong, and your mouth hydrated and fresh.

twice toothpaste

How many flavors do you offer?

Three! Calming Vanilla Lavender Mint, Invigorating Wintergreen and Peppermint, and our personal new favorite – Cooling Spearmint Eucalyptus.

How can your toothpaste help get rid of plaque?

Our entire formula is optimized to remove plaque! Our ingredients combine to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth and gums and leave you feeling clean and looking glistening. Plaque buildup can result in a variety of problems, so consistently removing plaque is critical for great oral health.

What is gum disease?

75% of Americans have some form of gum disease! In its most serious form, this infection damages the soft tissue and, without treatment, can destroy the bone that supports your teeth… and cause you to lose them!

Can you treat gum disease at home?

Absolutely! It usually forms from poor oral hygiene. So… brush twice-a-day, floss daily and get regular dental checkups to reduce your chance of getting gum disease.

How is it linked to your heart?

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in America… and, it is linked to the health of your mouth and gum disease. How? Because the mouth is the gateway to the body! Plaque from your teeth, and other bad bacteria flows from the mouth to the heart! Oral health is overall health!

What other tips can you give us on oral healthcare?

Here’s a tip a lot of people don’t know! The order in which you should care for your mouth. Step one: Brush your teeth to remove plaque from the surface of your teeth, then floss to remove plaque between your teeth, then rinse to coat your mouth with healthy ingredients and rinse all the plaque away

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Talk to us about your no-profit work and your partnership with the Glo Good Foundation.

Glo Good is the reason Twice got started. We created Twice after the in-real-life experience of seeing how people transformed when they were able to feel the power of their smiles through dental care. We wanted to build a company that could give back, and create incredible products that help improve oral health – globally. As a result, we partner to deliver real dental services to communities who lack access to care and we provide our toothpaste and team members for all of their missions.

What’s next for Twice?

Twice is not your ordinary products company. We have recruited a network of incredible dental professionals from around the country to help us educate our society about oral health, and deliver care to our communities. In the upcoming post-Covid world, we are most excited about continuing our commitment to give back and deliver smiles.

For our subscribers who get the January Box will receive a Twice Mini Duo. What is the one thing that you want them to know?

Oral health is overall health! Vitamin-enriched, multi-functional whitening toothpaste is the upgrade you need to live healthier and smile brighter. Supporting Twice helps us bring more care to communities in need through our exclusive partnership with Glo Good Foundation and Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation. Let's make the world smile, together!

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