Firstline Evolve Triple Edge Styler

In honor of Black Business Month, it’s only fitting for us to introduce you Firstline, the First Black-owned textured hair accessories company in our Summer Limited Edition Mega Box. You will not only love the natural boars bristles used to make the Evolve Triple Edge Styler, you will also love how this 3-N-1 finishing tool can slay those edges with the Sunny Isle Jamaican Castor Oil Edge Gel that’s also in Summer Limited Edition Mega Box. Find out more about Firstline’s roster of brands that specialize in multicultural hair care needs and other ways you can use this Edge Styler Brush.

How Did Evolve get its start? 

Firstline was founded in 1986 by Robert A. Bowser, a hair care industry leader — the FIRST BLACK-OWNED textured hair accessories company. Bowser’s vision was to deliver high-quality, affordably priced hair accessory products to underserved multicultural consumers. Under his leadership, Firstline quickly became the largest supplier of textured hair accessory products. 

Firstline is the parent company to five national brands – Evolve (Women), WavEnforcer (Men), Camryn’s BFF (Young Girls), DriSweat (Active Headwear), and Sleek (Value).

These product lines include a full assortment of brushes, combs, satin sleep caps, fashionable accessories, and other styling tools — available at beauty, mass, grocery, and drug chains throughout the country.


Triple Edge Styler


What inspired the Triple Edge Styler? 

Since the beginning of time, Black women used a toothbrush to style their edges with gel. So, in 2015, this led to creating the unique patented, Tripe Edge Styler.

What type of bristles did you use to make this finishing tool?  

100% natural boar bristles.

What are the benefits of boar brush bristles?

The boar bristles are good for smoothing hair and distributes natural oils to infuse moisture into the hair.

Styler with Sunny Isle

What are some ways this 3-N-1 finishing tool can be used?

  • Smooth, sculpt, and style your edges, also known as baby hairs.
  • 100% natural boar bristle brush to smooth edges.
  • Fine tooth comb to shape edges.
  • Tapered rat rail tip for parting or adding flair to styling edges.

What products can you use with the Triple Edge Styler?

You can use your favorite edge control or styling gel.

What is the best way to take care of the Triple Edge Styler? 

You can use a mild soap with warm water to clean it and let it air dry at least once a week.

What other products from Firstline Evolve can you suggest to help women perfect their hair styles? 

Evolve Satin Wide-Edge Bonnet, Evolve Silky Wrap Scarves, Evolve Flow-Thru Detangler.

What’s next for Evolve?

To continue innovating high-quality products that enhance the image, appearance, and experience of consumers with textured hair.

For those who get the Summer Limited Edition Box they will get a Triple Edge Styler. What is the one thing you want them to know? 

The Evolve tagline says it best, You Deserve an Upgrade!

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