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How can a natural toothpaste do its job and fight cavities if it doesn’t have fluoride in it? That is a common question that many have when considering going natural. As with any product, what goes into making it will determine its efficacy. Davids Natural Toothpaste has created a natural toothpaste that includes an antiplaque formulation to not only rid your mouth of the bacteria that causes cavities, it also whitens teeth and freshens breath. We are happy to introduce Davids Natural Peppermint Toothpaste or the Charcoal Mint Toothpaste to subscribers, so they can try for themselves in the August 2021 Box. Find out more about this premium natural toothpaste and its sustainable packaging footprint. 

How did Davids get its start?

In 2011, Davids founder, Eric David Buss, began looking into the ingredients being used in the "natural" toothpaste he was using, and found that many of the ingredients being used were unhealthy. After looking for a better alternative, and not happy with what was available, a "simple" idea of creating his own toothpaste was formed. This initial idea turned into a four-year obsession to develop the very best natural toothpaste possible and in 2015 Davids was launched.

What inspired Davids to create a natural toothpaste?

Through exhaustive research with industry experts, we were able to identify the best natural ingredients to safely and effectively fight to remove plaque, whiten teeth, and freshen breath. While talking to ingredient suppliers, we also found that most toothpaste companies use a lot of imported ingredients in their "Made in USA" toothpaste, which led to our commitment to using premium USA origin ingredient in our effort to sustain American jobs.   Today, our vision, research, development, and commitment to sustainability brings you Davids Natural Toothpaste.

What are the key ingredients in your toothpaste?

calcium carbonate - Naturally sourced from the earth, our calcium carbonate is mined from a quarry in Pennsylvania and processed to meet the strictest purity standards. Calcium carbonate is used as a mild abrasive to assist with the brushing action to help reduce plaque, remove surface stains, and whiten & polish teeth. 

vegetable glycerin - Used to moisten the mouth and enhance our essential oil flavoring.  Also used as a preservative to keep the paste moist and to keep the ingredients from separating.  Our glycerin is naturally derived from vegetable oils which undergo advanced processing (hydrolysis) to obtain a highly pure final food grade ingredient.  Glycerin can also be derived from animal fats; however, we avoid using this type of glycerin in order to stay true to our definition of natural and commitment to cruelty free.

hydrated silica - Naturally derived from silica, a common material that makes up about 12% of the earth's surface, used to help remove surface stains and whiten & polish teeth.  Others often use low quality imported silica with large abrasive particles that can scratch or damage the enamel...Davids uses only the highest quality USA made hydrated silica with ultra-fine microscopic particles designed to safely clean and polish the enamel on your teeth.

xylitol (birch derived)- a five-carbon sugar used as a sweetener. We use only a premium USA produced xylitol derived from birch trees, which is considered the best for both you and the environment. The birch tree fibers undergo advanced processing which creates a final product of crystalline birch xylitol which looks like sugar (altered from its original state) but is commonly classified as a natural sweetener.

mentha piperita (peppermint) oil - We use a premium domestic essential oil of peppermint naturally sourced from mint leaves.  Used to give our toothpaste a natural peppermint flavor, to kill the bacteria in your mouth and freshen breath.  We developed a custom blend of ultra-premium, USA produced, mint oils from various mint growing regions around the US to create a one of a kind mint flavors that is amazing.

What harmful ingredients did you leave out of your natural toothpaste and why?

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – One of the most common ingredients in toothpaste that we left out is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is ingredient that makes toothpaste foam up.  The sulfates tend to cause a burning sensation to the mouth and for many people the sulfates are so harsh that they can cause mouth sores.  We use a milder foaming agent derived from coconut oil that has a milder foaming action and does not burn the mouth.
  1. Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners and Preservatives – We eliminated these artificial ingredients to make Davids the most natural toothpaste possible.

Your toothpaste is fluoride free. What is the purpose of fluoride and why did you not include it in your Premium Natural Toothpaste?

Fluoride is a chemical designed to artificially harden the enamel on your teeth to make it harder for the bacteria in plaque to eat through the enamel creating a cavity. The bacteria in plaques is what causes cavities. Rather than artificially hardening the enamel with fluoride, Davids is designed as an antiplaque formulation to kill the bacteria in your mouth before it forms plaque. The premium mint oil has antibacterial properties to kill the bacteria that forms plaque. The baking soda and xylitol also work to kill the bacteria that forms plaque, so a lot going on to kill the bacteria that forms plaque, reducing the need to include fluoride. 

Is your toothpaste for children as well?

Yes. Please know that Davids is both fluoride free and SLS free and our ingredients are rated "1" by EWG (best rating possible) for ingredient safety, so generally speaking, Davids toothpaste is safe for all ages, including young children, which tend to swallow some of the toothpaste. That being said, we cannot give any direct dental or medical advice, so we would recommend that you have your doctor and/or dentist review for your child's case.


Peppermint Toothpaste


How many flavors do you offer?

Four (4) – Peppermint, Spearmint, Herbal Citrus Mint, Charcoal+Mint


Charcoal Mint Toothpaste


What are you top 3 flavors?

Peppermint, Spearmint, Charcoal+Mint

What are the benefits of using sustainable packaging?

SUSTAIN NATURE+YOU is at the core of the Davids brand

Environmental sustainability is extremely important, but we take a more holistic approach.  Davids is focused on sustaining the environment through the packaging we use... sustaining the USA economy and American jobs by using the highest possible content of USA origin ingredients and packaging.... sustaining YOU and your health, by only using naturally sourced and derived ingredients.

About 1.5 Billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in US landfills each year and we wanted to do better. You may have thought we selected the metal tube for its modern aesthetic (that was part of it), but the main reasons Davids comes in metal tubes is for maintaining maximum freshness and for their ability to be recycled.  

What are your toothpaste tubes made out of?

Davids tubes are made out of aluminum metal and lined with a Food Grade Non-BPA liner so there is no paste to metal contact.  This barrier helps prevent any leaching of the tube material into the paste and helps seal in the freshness.

How should people discard their used toothpaste tubes?

A few things to note about recycling your Davids tube... you will need to clean the excess paste from the inside of the tube, so you will need to do a few things.

1. Take some scissors or shears and cut off both ends of the tube.
2. Cut a slit the full length of the tube to fold open the tube to access the inside of the tube for cleaning....the edges of metal are sharp, so please be careful.
3. Wash off the excess paste with running water... toothbrush can be helpful here for removing all the paste.
4. Discard metal in recycle bin. It will be up to your local waste management provider to properly sort/recycle as we do not currently take back used tubes for recycling.


  1. Roll up the clean metal so that sharp edges are no longer exposed and wad up into a 3" ball along with other aluminum foil you are recycling. This will greatly improve the chances of being sorted properly for recycling by the waste management company.
  2. Alternatively, you can roll up the cleaned metal and place inside an aluminum can which also greatly increases the chances of being sorted for recycling.

Visit our blog post here for additional info including a video on how to recycle your Davids tube.

What’s next for Davids?

A lot of exciting things are in store for Davids…. stay tuned for some wonderful new complimentary oral care products coming soon!!

Subscribers who get the August Box will get a Peppermint or Charcoal Mint Davids Toothpaste. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Davids is a high-performance antiplaque and whitening formulation using naturally sourced and derived ingredients. It is a natural toothpaste that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!


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