What You Need to Know About Rucker Roots Define & Stretch Curl Custard

When it comes to styling products for textured hair, finding one that reduces frizz and that’s moisturizing is key. Define & Stretch Curl Custard from Rucker Roots not only defines curls, it also helps prevents breakage. We are happy to introduce you to this Black-owned family business in our Summer Limited Edition Mega Box founded by sisters, Ione Rucker Jamison and Ellen Rucker Sellers, who were inspired to create natural hair care products so their daughters could love and appreciate their natural hair the way they did growing up. Little did the Rucker Sisters know that back in the early 1980’s that the vegetables their mother used from their father’s garden to make natural hair care kitchen concoctions for their hair regimens would be the foundation for Rucker’s roots. Get the details on how you can use Define & Stretch Curl Custard and the many benefits of this moisturizing style product. 

How did the Rucker Roots get its start?

Sisters Ellen and Ione started Rucker Roots in 2015 after a life long passion of developing at home “kitchen concoctions” on their natural hair inspired by ingredients used from their father’s garden. 

What was your first product?

Our first product was our 4 Step Natural Smoothing System. 

Rucker Roots Prod Shot

How was the 4 Step Natural Smoothing System received?

Rucker Roots began in salons with our 4 Step Natural System which received rave reviews. 

What does GTC stand for?

GTC stands for Ginger, Turnip, and Carrot. 

How do each of these ingredients benefit the hair and scalp?

These root oils stimulate hair growth and soothe the scalp by helping it stay moisturized and reducing dandruff.

How important is it for women with natural hair to appreciate their texture? 

It is very important to embrace and appreciate your natural texture in order for your hair to thrive. 

RUCKER ROOTS Define & Stretch Curl Custard

What inspired you to create the Define & Stretch Curl Custard?

We created the Define & Stretch Curl Custard for our clients/ customers with thick, course hair. 

What are the key ingredients in the Define & Stretch Curl Custard?

We use Biotin, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, as well as our Rucker Roots Complex (Ginger Root Oil, Turnip Root Oil, Carrot Root Oil).

What are the benefits of these ingredients?

All of these ingredients are excellent for defining and stretching your natural curls and coils. 

How do you use the Define & Stretch Curl Custard?

Apply custard with fingers (desired amount depends on length/texture) use either wide tooth comb or fingers to distribute. 

Will the Define & Stretch Curl Custard stop hair breakage?

Yes, the biotin in the products helps prevent hair breakage. 

Is this custard for all hair types?

This custard is for thick, coily, shrinkage prone hair.

What can women expect after using the Define & Stretch Curl Custard?

After using the Define & Stretch Curl Custard you can expect less frizz, more shine, and more defined curls.  

Are your products for both men and women?

Yes, our products are for men, women, and children. 

What are your top 3 hair care tips that you can give to our COCOBelles?

  1. Keep your scalp and hair clean
  2. Use a wide tooth comb when detangling your hair
  3. Sleep on a silk pillow case or satin cap.

Rucker Sisters

What is your hero product?

Our hero product is our Smoothing Sulfate Free Shampoo. Everyone loves this product!

What other products from Rucker Roots can you suggest to use with the Define & Stretch Curl Custard?

Our entire GTC (Ginger Root Oil, Turnip Root Oil, Carrot Root Oil) Line works phenomenal together. 

What tips can you give to others who want to start a family business?

Do it! Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work together towards your goal!

What’s next for Rucker Roots?

We launched in Belk department stores this month which was super exciting because Belk is Ellen & Ione’s favorite retail store!

Those who get the Summer Limited Edition Mega Box will get full-size Define & Stretch Curl Custard. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Rucker Roots Define & Stretch Curl Custard is 100% Vegan and made with root vegetable oils.  Our company is black owned and female founded by two sisters who have a passion for natural, healthy hair. 


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