Fall/Winter 2013 Natural Hair Trend: Full Spiral Curls & Coils

By Tarin Boone

As colder weather sets in many are left to wonder what to do with their hair. Long gone are the lazy summer days of wash and go's and wet and wear styles. As the temperature drops, unfortunately so does my level of attention to care for my hair.

Yet, I love the versatility of natural hair and all the creativity it allows for us Naturalistas. This season's natural hair trend set at 'Fro Fashion Week F/W 2013 was full and bouncy spiral coils and curls. This classic ‘do’ is beautiful on all lengths and a variety of textures.

Rock a head full of curls as it gets cold to reduce manipulation, all while remaining fly. I love the spiral curl look as it gets bigger and better the older the set gets. This trend is also great for the ladies who are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair as it blends the two textures flawlessly.

Here are 3 ways to get full bouncy curls yourself at home or in the salon:

D. Kurl Ring Set

This unique curl set was invented by International Stylist and Design Essentials Educator, Deshonica Kerrie. I have witnessed Deshonica perform this technique at several hair events in the Atlanta area on all lengths and the curls are TO. DIE. FOR. Deshonica now sells the D. Kurl rings for you to do the set at home. The hair is wrapped around the ring with setting lotion and left to dry under a hooded dryer. You use fewer rollers than you would for a flexi rod set thus reducing drying time.

Flexi Rod Set

Those colorful bendy rollers can lead to a wonderful spiral curl set if done correctly. Unlike a straw set, the flexi rods come in all different types of lengths and widths depending on the style you are going for. For thicker hair I recommend using the orange or purple as the last thing you want to do is look like a pin head and have your hair still nowhere near dry after 6 hours!

Be sure to use a good setting lotion and keep the tension on the roots so they are as smooth as the length of your hair. The top complaint on doing flexi rod sets at home is "puffy roots".

Straw Set
Those plastic straws can be used for more than sipping your Sprite! The straw set is perfect for Naturalistas that have shorter lengths. The small size of the straws lends itself to a tighter coil effect. This method does take a little longer but I am a sucker for a tight straw set. Those little coils can last for at least 3 weeks at a time and be used a base for other styles such as mohawks. Here is a great step by step guide on doing your own straw set.

Suggested Products:

ORS Lock and Twist Gel - great for flexi rod sets, has great hold to keep smooth texture without being drying.

Anu Essentials Down Under Deep Conditioner
- deep conditioning your hair is always a great step when using heat, and to prepare for protective styling. That extra TLC goes a long way in the cooler months.

Camille Rose Naturals Ajani Growth and Shine Balm - pomade is a great way to lay down edges without using a drying gel.

Photos (sources): D Kurl Ring Set // straw set

Tarin Boone is the CEO and Founder of Naturally Me! Media, LLC a growing media company created in 2010 that helps minority women discover, accept, and celebrate their natural hair and beauty. Naturally Me! Media includes a resource website, ‘Fro Fashion Week, online social community CurlfriendsCity.com, and free mobile app in their list of services.