Cynthia Bailey

We’ve seen Cynthia Bailey on the covers of fashion magazines, on designer runways, and on the hit Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She has shown her acting chops over the years on episodes of The Cosby Show and NY Undercover, as well as in Sandra Bernhardt’s film Without You I’m Nothing. She is the CEO of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, a full-service fashion and modeling school; and—just in time for the holidays—she has unveiled her Cynthia Bailey Doll, a signature edition collector’s item, in collaboration with The One World Doll Project.

We are so excited to have this multi-hyphenate career woman, wife and mom as our November COCOBelle of the Month. In this interview, Cynthia takes us inside a-day-in-the-life of Cynthia Bailey, gives details about her health and diet, shares what she hopes viewers will take away from this season of RHOA, and of course, tells us what’s in her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.
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Walk us through a typical day in the life of Cynthia Bailey. What is your favorite part of what you do?
A typical day in my life Monday through Friday is waking up at 6am to help my 14 year old daughter Noelle get ready for school. Is all the homework done? Check! Clean uniform on? Check! Need help doing hair? Check! Breakfast? Check! Got lunch money? Check! When I am in town I always take Noelle to school & pick her up myself. It's important for me to do that. I want to make sure she starts & ends her day with my words of encouragement and support. A good day for Noelle is a great day for me. When I get home I usually get back in the bed with Peter for a couple of hours. We talk, watch the news, and do whatever else comes naturally. When I am not filming THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA or traveling, I go to work at THE BAILEY AGENCY SCHOOL OF FASHION for the day. I usually spend the weekends with my family cooking, cleaning, and hanging out. I make it a point to sleep until 10am on Saturday mornings. My favorite part of my day is picking up Noelle from school, and climbing in bed with Peter at night.

What keeps you motivated while juggling being a mother, a wife, a supermodel, a reality TV star and an entrepreneur?

I am self motivated, but I am also motivated by fear and power. Fear that I will not be able to provide for myself, or my family, and not have the power to do anything about it. My biggest fear is not having power.

We often hear you joke on The Real Housewives of Atlanta about “throwing on a wig” and heading out the door. Do you adjust your hair and beauty routines based on the various “hats” you wear on a daily basis?

I am the queen of throwing a wig on and calling it a day! They are easy to throw on, and even easier to take off. Hair is an accessory, and I love to change it up. I am in talks now about doing a wig line. I am definitely the Housewife to watch when it comes to setting new hair trends. I also wear a lot of hats on the show because they are easy & stylish. Watch out for a possible hat line as well.

What is in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal—the 3 beauty products that you absolutely cannot live without?

Three beauty products that I can't live without: Rosebud salve for my lips, Kevyn Aucoin concealer and Neutrogena makeup wipes. I am never without these three things.

What diet and/or fitness regimen do you adhere to in order to stay fit, healthy and beautiful?

After my fibroid procedure, I started on a health weight management program called Genovive. I also work out 3 days a week. Genovive has made it easy for me to eat healthy with a diet that is perfect for my DNA. I love the food, and I feel great! I am 46 years old, and although I still look good on the outside, I wasn't feeling so good on the inside. It was time to invest in myself and my health. My health is everything and I want to live!

The newest season of RHOA recently premiered on Bravo. What do you hope viewers will take away about Cynthia Bailey this season?

This is my fourth season on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA. I always strive to be real, positive, inspiring, and of course, entertaining. Every season I try to let the viewers see another new layer of Cynthia Bailey. This season I focus on trying to balance work, health, marriage, friendships, and raising a teenage daughter. All of these are very relatable issues.

You and your husband, Peter, just released a couple’s memoir Carry-on Baggage that chronicles the details of your journey together. What inspired you to share the inner workings of your marital bliss?
Peter and I were inspired to write our relationship book CARRY ON BAGGAGE because our relationship is very misunderstood. We were introduced to the world on the show, and we got married on the show. We have been through a lot of ups and downs on the show. Our viewers only get to see snippets of our life together, and never get the full picture. The book was a great opportunity to give our fans our complete story, as well as our back story. It's a great quick read. Pick it up on

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