Diva By Cindy Leave-in Detangling Conditioner (Review)

By Kim Jackson

Diva By Cindy Leave-in Detangling Conditioner is not just for female divas, as my son and I have discovered through his use over the past few weeks. It works just as wonderfully for anyone’s natural hair—including men’s.

My teenage son’s hair naturally grows in a very tight curl pattern, but since he has been growing it out over the past several months, he likes to wear his ‘fro picked out. He was looking for a product that would “straighten” his hair for a bigger ‘fro, make it easier to pick out and keep it moisturized all day. He found it in this fantastic Diva by Cindy product. The smell is not too strong, and not overtly feminine so he didn’t have any qualms about the fragrance—which is an issue that he has had with a lot of natural products that’s he’s looked into previously.


To get the look he wants, he shampoos his hair (every other day, because he is an athlete so his scalp sweats), and then spritzes the conditioner over his entire head while his hair is still wet. After allowing it to air dry for a few minutes, he picks his hair out, and gets a full, shiny and moisturized ‘fro. His hair has also been less dry overall with continued use of the product.

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Kim Jackson is a Baltimore-based integrated marketing consultant, personal stylist and writer. She has written style and beauty posts for websites including Curly Nikki, the ‘Fro Fashion Week blog, Madame Noire and Carol’s Daughter’s Transitioning Movement. You can find her regularly writing tips for living a healthy, style-savvy and well-organized life at her personal site, Pish Posh Perfect.