COCOSpa Review: Harper Monroe Mobile Salon and Spa

It is a beautiful thing when you find that perfect wellness experience at a spa that you love. It is even better when that spa comes to you! Harper Monroe Mobile Salon and Spa specializes in custom spa parties, corporate wellness events, and relaxation services. Services offered include: nails & reflexology, facials & makeup, and massages & body scrubs; and you can indulge in their services on the go, wherever you are. They even use all natural and vegan products, to boot.

Clients from New York City to Alabama swear by Harper Monroe Mobile Spa and Salon. Customer Tamara Nall had this to say:

"I tried Harper Monroe Mobile Spa about 3 months ago for an in-home massage. I've got a very busy schedule and a high stress career (running my own business). I was hooked after the 1st visit and booked a series of 6 more massages. I look forward to the much-needed instant stress relief. Not only did I save money by booking my massages in series, I was able to save even more by buying my own massage bed. I get them weekly now! I would highly recommend!"

Find Harper Monroe online at, and let CEO Stacy Scott and her talented staff bring you the perfect wellness experience.