Anti-Aging Hydration Essential: How Hyaluronic Acid Helps to Maintain Your Glow

By Dana Hill

We can all agree that the cold, frigid temperatures have been epic this year! Protecting and hydrating my skin during this arctic-like winter has been my #1 anti-aging skincare concern. Hyaluronic Acid rich products have been a staple in my beauty arsenal this winter. I know you’re probably thinking, “Acid – that sounds harsh”, but don’t let that ominous sounding word scare you. In fact, it’s a super powerful humectant that acts like a “moisture magnet”. It keeps your skin deliciously plumped and hydrated and is the perfect antidote for dehydrated, thirsty skin. Its moisture replenishing properties are great for every skin type, even oily skin.

One of my favorite brands, derma e, has an affordable and highly effective collection of Hyaluronic Acid rich products that has helped me to keep my glow during this arctic blast. Their products combine a cocktail of skin vitamins and botanicals, with this incredible hydrating ingredient; and, as an added bonus, the entire derma e line is all-natural and Paraben free. This collection has become a staple and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their skin hydrated and youthful.

Some of my favorites from derma e:


Hydrating Serum


Hydrating Night Crème


Hydrating Mist

Dana Hill – Founder & CEO, COCOTIQUE
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